Watching Each Other

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“I’m gonna take a shower, babe.”

“Okay. Enjoy.”

I head to the bedroom and peel off my clothes, emerging naked, clean clothes in hand, pick up my phone and speaker, and go into the bathroom. I do not see your eyes follow me, nor your smile. I would’ve noticed that smile! I put on the music and turn on the water. This is going to feel so good, I love the shower and I’ve been waiting all day.

I step in and duck under the water. Tension washes off my body like a layer of grime. First the shampoo, then the face soap, and finally my favorite part, sudsing myself up. Under the sound of the water, you’ve followed me in here unheard. Oblivious to your presence, I’m thinking about how good it feels to make my tits slippery, how easy it is to slide my hands around them, around and around, slippery and sliding, moving slowly so I can really feel it on my skin. Feels so good, I could spend a lot of time just doing this. Up my neck with both hands, over my shoulders and arms. I feel the muscle under the skin, up and down my arms, back and front, under and over, around and around my tits. They bounce around as I rub them, always makes me smile. I’m still in the shower, yes, and it is soap, yes, but showering isn’t what I’m doing anymore. This is luxury time, sensual food for my body.

I get my hands all soaped up again and start running them down my belly, around my sides, twisting to reach my ass, around and around each side, and I grab a handful of each cheek in turn and squeeze it until it slips out of my grasp from the soap. I love it when you’re in the shower with me and I get to jiggle your butt cheeks, so I give mine a little tweak now in your honor and a giggle bubbles up.

Is it time now for the best part? Yes! I start to rub my smooth, shaven mound. My hand slides and rubs, it’s a mesmerizing sensation, utterly luxurious both to my pussy and my hand. As I caress my pussy, my eyes close and I lean my head against the tile, the steam rising around me, and sigh. No hurry, no hurry at all. I’m in a trance of pleasure. With my Balıkesir Escort eyes closed I don’t see that you’ve found a gap in the curtain just wide enough for one of your eyes to peek through.

Finally I rouse myself and run my soapy hands down each leg to my feet and back up, stopping again to slide my soapy hands through my crotch, over my pussy and inner thighs. My body has been relaxed by the heat and now is tied together by sensation and arousal. Thoughts of you start to run through my mind, very specific and vivid thoughts of my pussy on your face and your balls in my mouth. There’s a tingly, alive feeling in my pussy now, tension and pressure both building deliciously. I pinch my nipples and make the decision, yes, I’m going to get out of the shower and find you! I start to rinse and watch the water go in sheets across my breasts, drip off my nipples. I rinse my belly and back, and turn the hose to my pussy. Oh yes, there’s the spot. I’m clean now, but really it feels so goo—what? There is your eye, watching me through the narrow opening in the curtain. An electric pulse slams from my gut right to my pussy. Holy shit.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” I say, and your answering smile tells me everything. I’m incredibly turned on that you were watching me! I pull the curtain back and stand facing you, displaying myself and offering my body to you, shoulders rolled back and hands behind me, tits pushed out toward you, arching my back. My pussy throbs, wet and now aching for you. Your skin is flushed, your eyes glittering bright. You lick your lips even as I’m looking. I want you so much, so much.

“Don’t let me interrupt you,” you say, slowly running your eyes up and down my body. “Please.” And with that you take off your pants and step into the tub. Your cock is hard and stands out, swaying slightly as you sit on the edge. Your hand takes your cock and you start to stroke. “Please,” you say, and I could not have resisted that voice, that cock, even if I’d wanted to.

Sex, sex, sex is Balıkesir Escort Bayan in the air between us, making it thick and slow like honey. Every move feels slow and exquisite. You stroke and your cock gets even stiffer as I recline against the back side of the tub facing you and hang my legs over the sides, exposing my pussy and ass to your view. When your eyes fix on my pussy, I feel it like a hand on my skin. My hands become your mouth. I run my fingertips lightly up and down my inner thighs, and I pinch and pull my pussy lips so you can see my clit, the petals that open into my body, your way into me. I dip my fingers into the well of fluid there, and look you in the eyes as I put them in my mouth, then back down to hold my pussy lips open and move to my clit with the other. Rubbing, rubbing, up and down, side to side, slow with a fingertip around and around it, slow stroking then very fast, over the little hood, directly on the tip, then down to bury fingers inside, stroking slowly within and pulling up, reaching deep to hit that special spot inside. Oh god….it feels so good I think I’ll die of it.

I can’t take my eyes from your cock. The sight of your hands on it is one of my favorite things, seeing how sure they are, one hand stroking the shaft, the other on your balls, fuck, it makes me wetter and wetter, driving my own hands to frantic motion. I hear us both breathing slow and deep and the wet sounds of our hands, your voice sighing to me, “You’re sooo hot, god look at that, so hot baby…” and my own voice moaning. One hand is deep in my pussy and the other rubbing my clit as fast as I can, watching your hands, your hand holding strong and tight, both of us moving fast, driven to release. Suddenly your thighs and hips tense and there’s the slightest catch in your rhythm. God! God! My stomach muscles tense and my head begins to curl up. Oh god, look at you! It drives me crazy to watch you and at the same time I know you are rising higher and higher watching me. You stroke the whole length of Escort Balıkesir your cock, then quickly on the shaft. We are totally exposed to each other, revealing how we pleasure ourselves in our most private moments, getting off to the overwhelming pleasure of the other, losing control together.

I’m looking at your face now, my beautiful man. The desire there, the open mouth and saliva, the focus that I know is in my own eyes as well. I feel how we are locked in on each other, and then your breath catches and I hear the special high-pitched whimper you make, your butt clenches once, twice, and the cum pumps out, clinging to your hand, a thread connecting the tip of your cock to the puddle of cum on your thigh. The sight of it tips me over and I stop breathing. I want to still see you, but my eyes close on their own. My toes are pointed hard and my calves are tight, my hips are thrusting.

And then I hear your voice, infinitely masculine and compelling, “Don’t stop, don’t stop… cum for me, baby, cum for me, cum for me, don’t stop…” That’s it! Hard and fast the contractions start, and my legs suddenly straighten out and all the joints pop, hips, knees, ankles. My arms jerk fast and rhythmic and deep within me the powerful succession of clenches continue, not gentle but slamming. Then a final contraction and I cry out, finally drawing a breath. Oh god, my god, my brain and body flood with pleasure, a warm wave that reaches my toes, my fingertips, my face, every cell in my body suffused with intense well-being. And you see it all, I give it to you.

At some point, I open my eyes and re-enter the world, and the first thing I see is your face. You’ve moved close to me now in the tub, your body between my legs. Your face is filled with love and wonder. Your hands caress my tits and one hand goes down and cups my pussy, covering it completely, holding me. My mouth and lips feel padded and plumped up with the power of my cumming. My pussy is swollen and throbs with my heartbeat under your hand. I take your face in my hands and when we kiss the connection vibrates and hums like a living thing. I kiss my love into your mouth and you return it to me a hundredfold.

In the end you hold me by a tit and my pussy, I hold you by your cock and balls, and we press our foreheads together, rocking gently back and forth, time without end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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