We Just Click

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My man and I have been together for three years. It’s a great relationship and one that I hope will last forever. However, I’m not sure our spouses would agree. But, that’s a story for another time.

Eric and I met online and have been best friends since. Both in bed and out. But, you want to hear about the “in bed” parts. The sex, lovemaking or however it should be classified is awesome. We click. We click so much that early on, our discussions turned naughty. We found out that we both were very curious and interested in a “group” kind of scenario.

Now, by group, I mean threesomes, etc. At least that would be a good start. We also discovered that adding a black man to the mix would be hot. No other women invited. When I think threesome, it’s MFM and all about me. As it should be! Admittedly, I’m a jealous bitch so when Eric tells me that he wants no other woman, I’m good with that. Seeing me pleasured and him being able to also participate is perfection for him. Lucky girl I am.

So, our first experience was a good one. Actually invited a man I’d been with before Eric came along. Bill is cool, uninhibited and a great guy. Certainly knows his way around a woman’s body and has an incredible toy inventory. He joined us for an afternoon of hotel fun.

After that experience went well, we decided to look for a black man. Eric had met Manny online (still don’t know the website) and they’d conversed a bit. I starting talking online to him and we hit it off. Seems like it took forever for our schedules to mesh, but we finally made it happen. I think we were all a bit nervous, at least I was. Alcohol helped. We had a great afternoon; one that we talked about repeating.

And, it’s been repeated…a few times. Schedules have gotten tough, but we’ll make it happen again. After that, Eric and I have talked a lot about more interesting scenarios. We’d both like to try a swingers club, but mamak escort the theme would be similar. Me and a man, or men if I like, and of course, Eric is always there. We also talk about a future and what our lives could be like. This is a fantasy, but we’ll make it reality. I have faith that our future will include scenarios like the fantasy one I’m going to share with you.

Eric and I live together and we’ve acquired a list of men; lovers if you will, that we see on a regular basis. We wake up every day together and usually he’s inside me before I can finish getting the sleepy dirt out of my eyes. This particular day, we’re both thinking an entire day in bed is necessary, but not possible. Finally getting ready for work, we agree that we need a friend over that evening. Eric chooses lingerie for me to wear that night and tells me to go ahead and arrange it with whomever I choose. I throw on a sexy blouse, mini-skirt and heels. If you want to feel sexy, it starts from the skin out…..and I wanted to feel sexy.

I drive to work thinking about the possibilities and decide to send a direct text to Johnny — “need you inside me tonight.”

Within a few minutes, he replies — “perfect, I woke up hard for you.” We make plans for him to come to dinner and spend the evening having some naked fun.

As the day goes on, Eric and I naughty text all day. I know he’s wet and hard, and I’m sure wet and squirming. I cut out early and pick up easy stuff for dinner — I’m not planning on spending the night in the kitchen! Eric is running late, but no worries, I’m fully capable of entertaining company without him for a bit.

Johnny shows up early. I pour wine, lay out a nice spread of snacks. He texts Eric who says — go ahead, play with my girl; I’m still an hour from being home. At this point, we’re on the couch, wine is mellowing us both ofise gelen escort and we get into a great make-out session. Kissing is one of my favorite pastimes and we’re going hot and heavy, but taking it slow. Seeing that it’s Friday and Johnny is single, we’ve got all night…..

During our previous times together, I learn that Johnny loves lingerie. And Eric loves dressing me for other men to undress me. He loves the old fashioned look, sexy but not too obvious. Check out Secrets In Lace — hot stuff. So, I’m sitting here with a hot man on the couch, knowing he’ll appreciate what is under the clothes.

Johnny slowly unbuttons my blouse and finds a sexy black satin and lace bra, corset style. Makes him want to see what the rest of the present might look like. The panties are matching with garter belts and sheer black hose. In no time, that’s all I’m wearing. He lays me back on the couch, and he’s next to me. I feel him, so ready, but still teasing me. In addition to a great cock, he’s got nice fingers — and his tongue isn’t too shabby either.

He’s taking his time, kissing my lips and neck and gently playing with my nipples. He puts his mouth over my bra and heats up my nipples, taking little nips at will. I’m moaning and squirming — telling him he’s driving me crazy. He laughs. His fingers finally get inside my panties and he’s teasing me — my hips rise up, to urge him deeper. Finally, he gets to my clit, playing and pulling and puts a finger inside me, then two. Remember, I’ve been hot since I woke up with Eric inside me. Twelve hours ago. By now, I need cock, plain and simple. And I tell him so.

Guess that did the trick. Before I know what happens, he’s up, standing next to the couch and I’m on my hands and knees. He’s got his fingers back in my pussy, just sliding my panties to the side. I start to ride his otele gelen escort hand — with his other hand on my hips – lots of hip action. By the way, I think I forgot to mention that wet is never an issue. I’m a squirter, a multiple squirter.

I feel on the edge already, but so don’t want this to end that quickly. I tell him to get that cock inside me. He removes his fingers, licks them and tells me how good I taste. I turn to look at him, and watch him stroking his cock. Knowing that cock is about to be inside me is so hot, I take a lick of his head, and a little suck. He fucks my mouth for a minute and then says “I need your pussy.”

His hands return to my hips and he plunges inside me. You know how incredible that moment of penetration is…..so freaking hot. Your eyes roll in the back of your head and you immediately wonder how long until you can start this all over again….even before you’ve finished this round.

At this point, we’re both oblivious to our surroundings and he’s pumping in and out of me at a perfect pace. A slight “hmmmm” catches my attention. I open my eyes to see Eric standing in the room; he smiles and says “Hi honey, I’m home.”

Eric walks over behind the couch, leans forward to kiss me and says “by all means, please continue.”

Johnny says “I’m gonna cum in your woman.” He starts building the rhythm and knows I like it hard and fast. The sex noise is great….bodies slapping together, the two of us moaning and breathing heavily. I can feel his cock tensing just as I’m hitting my high.

I tell him so and he cums hard just as I’m cumming all over his cock. Great orgasm, the kind that lasts and lasts.

Spent, I flop over on the couch and Johnny joins me.

By now, Eric is sitting across from us, wine in hand and huge smile on his face. He says “good fuck baby?”

As I can barely breath, I nod with an “oh my god, yes.” I notice him stroking himself and my clit starts to tingle. Amazing how I can be so spent and just want my man inside me.

I zone back in to realize they’re talking about the course of events planned for me, and I smile. Eric comes over and sits on the other side of me, gently kisses me and says…..”Up for a little DP baby?”

But, that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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