We Met

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We met at a restaurant, coffee house, book store, somewhere where you worked, somewhere where there was a pretext for being friendly without it being misinterpreted. You move with that unconscious grace of a woman whose future lies ahead of her.

I am drawn to you, your supple body, your long hair that falls to the middle of your back, your smile that lights up your eyes, the way your breasts fill out your T-shirt, signaling your femininity without pretense, yet conscious of the attention that this simple choice in clothing brings you.

Shall I kiss you? Slowly, firmly, your eyes closed, enjoying the gentle way I lick your upper lip as the kiss ends. I step slightly towards you and encircle you in my arms, enjoying the firm pressure of a hug. Resting my head on your shoulder, we embrace for a while and then you step back and our eyes meet, flushed, amused and you take my hand and lead me to the shower.

I kneel at your feet and you pull up your T-shirt a little, revealing your belly button and I stroke the gentle rise of your tummy and unbutton your jeans. With a little effort at first, I slide them over your hips and then they fall to the floor, revealing your white panties through which the outline of your pussy is visible. I lean forward, and kiss you gently; enjoying the small breath you take as my lips press against you. I pull your jeans over your toes, one foot at a time and enjoy the impromptu awkwardness that brings.

I rise, and lift your shirt and cup one of your breasts in my hand. The rough lace rubs against your nipple as I slide your bra over your breast. I stroke Balıkesir Escort your lips gently, and I ask you to lick my finger, then I tease your nipple with this finger until it slowly hardens. You pull off your shirt and turn around, and shimmy your panties to the floor as I undo your bra. You slide it over your smooth shoulders and I hug you, my hands over your breasts as I kiss the nape of your neck and give a little nip on one of your earlobes.

You step into the stream of hot water and I join you there. I wash your back with you leant slightly forward, supporting your weight against the shower wall. I am hard, and as I slide my hands over your firm shoulders and back my cock rubs up against you until it rests up against your pussy from behind. I slide my cock over your pussy, enjoying alternating sensations of the tickle of your hair rubbing against me and the smooth warmth as my cock glides between the lips of your pussy. With one hand, you guide me into your pussy. I rock back and forth gently, and my cock slides slowly into your pussy at first and then to my surprise it glides all the way in once the head of my cock is inside you. You gasp with pleasure, and I hold myself inside you, firmly, nipping at your shoulders gently.

We stay like this for a while, gently rocking, as I push myself deeper and deeper into your warm pussy. My heart is pounding and with each beat, my cock pulses inside you and unconsciously you start to keen with pleasure in unison with my pounding heart. A wave of ecstasy floods through me and I start to rock harder and harder until Balıkesir Escort Bayan I feel myself about to come. I pull out quickly, and you turn, at first puzzled and then you smile as you understand why.

We step from the shower, and I lift you into my arms. I lay you gently on my bed, and towel you dry and then cover you with warm duvet. I kiss you gently, and then with my hand holding your head firmly, I slide my cock into your mouth. You taste yourself and this disturbs and excites you at the same time. I rub the head of my cock on your red lips, glistening with a mixture of your saliva and my pre-cum. I slide my cock into your mouth again, and bring myself to the brink of orgasm again and then I stop and you hold me in your mouth, careful not to move your mouth or tongue so as not to push me over the edge. My cock spasms, and you taste the little bit of pre-cum that I squirt into your mouth. I pull my cock from your mouth and then with a wink I fold the duvet in half towards the head of the bed and settle between your legs, at first licking the insides of your thighs, moving slowly towards your pussy.

I spread your lips gently and then push upwards gently to reveal your pick little clit and flick it with my tongue at first, and then as you get wetter and the movement of your body makes this difficult, I lick your inner lips firmly and let my tongue flick over your clit as it slides upwards, pulling me towards you with my hands on your hips. You stroke my hair with your hand, and guide me by pushing on my head gently, rhythmically, in tune with Escort Balıkesir the movement of your hips. I enjoy your taste, your little pants and squeaks of pleasure as you come nearer and nearer to orgasm. As you get closer, I take your hand and guide you to spread your lips so that I can lick your clit and then you cum, slowly and powerfully, with me sucking on your clit and the tips of your fingers inside you with one of my fingers that I slid inside you as you started to cum.

You close your eyes and roll sideways, enjoying the bliss that immediately precedes a good orgasm. I slide behind you and lie with you, leaving you at peace with the calm and gently stroke your long hair, gently teasing out the knots from your damp hair. You fall briefly asleep, under the warm blankets, nestled up against me.

You wake as you feel me pushing your legs up towards your chest as I settle behind you. My hard cock slides into you once it finds your pussy and you push back against me. We build a rhythm together and as it grows more intense, I lift you onto your knees and start to fuck you harder and harder, pulling your head backwards by your hair, cupping your breasts in both my hands and playing with your clit as I continue to fuck you. You start to feel that you might cum again, so you turn and push me onto my back, and guide me into your pussy as you begin to ride me. You thrust your hips against me in pursuit of that second orgasm, and I embrace you, sucking on your nipples until finally you cum and bring me with you, and the sensation of my coming inside you adding another level to the height of our orgasm.

You fall forward, and I stroke your back, laughing with you as you make a quip about where we met, perhaps an advertising slogan. We get more comfortable and when I wake you are gone, leaving behind a note saying something short and cute and the faint smell of your hair on my pillow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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