Weekend at the Cape Ch. 02

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Note: The following story is entirely fictional and all of the characters are over 18 years of age.

The events described here take place during the second day of a long weekend; however, it is my intention for this story to be able to stand alone.

Hello. My name is Miguel and I live with my mother in the city of Boston. My father passed away when I was quite young and the two of us have been on our own for as long as I can remember.

As the summer before my freshman year in college wound down, my mother and I traveled to Cape Cod to spend a long weekend. Upon arriving, we passed the first day at the beach. We would be joined the next day by my mother’s sister, my Aunt Lola.

As we began to prepare dinner the first night, my mother telephoned Lola at the hair salon where she was working to inquire as to when she would be arriving.

After speaking for a moment, Mom cupped the phone and whispered to me “Your cousin Millie is there. She’d like to come, too…what do you think?”

Without hesitation, I nodded in agreement.

Mom then turned back to the phone

“Sure, Lola! We actually have plenty of room.”

Mom then proceeded to describe the place with its three bedrooms and five beds.

I didn’t know my cousin Millie very well, because she lived in a city north of Boston, but I certainly remembered her from the various family gatherings because she was nearly the same age as me. In fact, we had both turned eighteen earlier in the summer. I looked forward to having someone around my own age, because I thought it was just going be mom and her sis for the next two days.

The next morning, we heard the car in the driveway and we went outside to greet our new guests. Hugs and kisses all around. I squeezed Millie especially hard and noted what a fine woman she had grown into. Her hair was very black, somewhat short and curly. She wore the right amount of makeup and she looked really cute in her shorts and t-shirt.

There we stood, four refugees from the city, basking in the sun and air of a beautiful Cape Cod morning. We headed inside and quickly settled on the sleeping arrangements. Aunt Lola and Millie would be in the front bedroom with the twin beds, Mom would be in the other large bedroom and I would take the tiny one with the single bed. I didn’t mind, and I needed the privacy because I had begun to sleep in the nude.

After Kıbrıs Escort eating some breakfast, we set out on the short walk to the beach. I lagged slightly behind, ostensibly to let them chat, but actually to allow me to view the three chunky rear ends moving down the street. After a bit, Millie dropped back, so we could talk. We discussed our high schools, what senior year was like, and where we were headed to college.

“I’m a little nervous” she confessed.

“Don’t worry, I am, too” I said in a comforting way.

We promised then and there to exchange email addresses and cell phone numbers so we could keep track of each other during the coming year. I was really beginning to like her.

We settled in at the beach. I felt really lucky to be there with three very attractive ladies, even if they were all related to me. As the women pulled off their coverings, I slowly looked each of them over.

Aunt Lola was a stunning beauty, although she probably looked more Native American than most of my mother’s family. She was thin and she had sculpted legs from long hours spent on her feet cutting hair. She had large breasts and she really seemed to enjoy her sexuality. I saw that she wore a white bikini and I began to wonder if anything would show if it got wet.

My cousin Millie had the fresh, unspoiled body of an eighteen year old. I saw her boobs pop out (although covered by her bikini top) as she lifted her shirt. There was not an ounce of fat on her legs and she looked great in a pink bikini. She had pulled her hair back with a clip, but this only made her face look more beautiful. As always, mom looked great, in a black bikini, today. I eased into my chair with a growing hard-on.

The day was hot, but the water was cold. At one point, my mother and Aunt Lola decided to go for a walk, leaving Millie and me alone.

Inevitably, perhaps, she asked “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not at the moment” I replied, hopefully sounding optimistic.

“How about you?”

She shook her head no.

Feeling relaxed with my cousin, I offered “There are some girls I like, but they never seem to like me back.”

“Yeah, it is the same with me” she replied, looking at the waves.

“You like girls, too?” I asked, because I couldn’t resist the opening.

“Miguel! You know what I mean!” she Magosa Escort protested. She threw her sunscreen at me, and pretended to pout. We had a good laugh and then turned serious again.

“Miguel, I’ve heard some things about freshman year at college, and I’m not sure I’m prepared.”

“You mean about the sex and booze?” I asked, continuing our banter.

“The booze I can handle, I just don’t know about the other!”

We laughed again.

“I’ve only got younger sisters, and my parents are hopeless when it comes to sex…and I’ve got so many questions…” She continued.

I began to see an opportunity there.

“Tell you what Millie…Let’s make a promise today that we can ask each other anything about sex…the other person has to tell the truth, or if it is too embarrassing or you simply don’t know, you can say that, too. Deal?”

Her lips curved into a smile.

Millie stuck out her hand and said, “Deal.”

We shook and then she said “OK, I get the first question…it’s about masturbation.”

How did I know? I thought.

“How often do you guys do it, and why?” she queried.

“Well, I can only speak for myself…”

“Then please do…”

“OK, here is the honest truth…we do it because it feels great…and you don’t need anyone else around to do it. However, the more you do it, the less fun it is. It is kind of like eating dessert…it is awesome when you are doing/eating it, but you wouldn’t want to eat it all the time. It is good for a treat. So don’t believe these stories of guys jerking off five times a day…it just isn’t possible.”

“I think I understand…but how often do you do it?”

“Couple of times a week” I replied, honestly.

“Really? Cool. What do you think about when you are doing it?” she pressed.

“Hey,” I protested, “Isn’t it my turn?”

Unfortunately, that was when my mother and Aunt Lola decided to return. Millie and I promised to continue later.

We passed the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beach and ocean. At about four in the afternoon, we headed back to begin to prepare dinner.

After dinner, we all watched TV together in the small sitting area off of the kitchen. By 11:00, Mom and Aunt Lola were tired and they announced they were turning in.

“Don’t stay up too late, you two” Mom instructed.

We decided to Girne Escort keep the TV on, but lowered, lest the two older women overhear our conversation.

“OK,” she said. “Your turn.”

“How do you feel about oral sex?” I asked.

“Hmmm, I don’t mind the idea…I just hope nothing tastes gross” she replied.

“…and what about cum in your mouth, same answer?” I continued.

“Exactly” she replied.

This simple exchange had rendered my cock rock hard and it was clearly visible in the front of my shorts. I saw her eyes travel to my bulge.

“My question is… if I can see yours…” she said slowly.

I paused a second, and then pushed my shorts and underwear down to the floor.

Millie’s eyes lit up and she looked over. She then bent down for a closer look.

“Can I touch it?” she whispered.

“Of course” I whispered back.

She reached out with her right hand and squeezed my cock. A drop of pre-cum oozed out from the tip.

“Geeze…what is that?” she asked.

I explained that it was lubrication, similar to when her vagina gets wet.

“Uh, huh” she replied.

“Can I kiss it?” she whispered.

“Of course” I whispered back.

Millie slid to the floor in front of me and slowly drew my cock toward her mouth before planting a kiss on the tip. Then, looking right at me, her tongue flicked out and she began licking the head.

As the pre-cum oozed, she licked and swallowed each new drop.

“Mmmm…that tastes nice…salty….” She whispered.

She ran her tongue down the length before returning to the top and then she slid it right into her mouth, all the while keeping a firm grip with her right hand.

Slowly, she began bobbing up and down.

She broke for a second and whispered “How’s that?”

“F-Fantastic!” I managed to say, desperately wanting her to continue.

Although Millie was inexperienced, her enthusiasm more than made up for it. As she pumped my cock, I fell my orgasm begin to build.

I reached out and began caressing her left breast.

She moaned and, in perfect time with her right hand, continued bobbing her head up and down along the length of my shaft, at times burying my cock deep into her mouth.

“Millie, I’m going to cum!” I gasped.

Milled pulled my cock from her mouth and held it straight in the air, continuing to pump it as I began to shoot my cum onto my t-shirt.

“Geeze!” she remarked as she watched, wide-eyed.

When I had finished, she rose and grabbed paper towels from the kitchen counter. Together we mopped up the mess.

She smiled and giggled.

“OK,” she said as she sat back down “Your turn.”

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