Weekend with My Girl Ch. 01

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It had been longer than usual since the last time the two of us had met. With her away at one college and I another on opposite sides of the state, it became hard sometimes for us to see each other. Our nightly conversations had recently become less and less about our daily routines and more likely ended up with us discussing fantasies we had about each other. I loved hearing her moan in my ear as I described what I would do if I was there with her. More often then not, I would get hard just knowing where her hand was and imagining my tongue taking its place.

She would frequently repay the favor. Going on about how my dick felt as it slid in and out of her mouth. My hands would be matching every rhythmic word she spoke as I moaned in her ear warning her that I was about to cum. She always welcomed the suggestion and would hungrily encourage that I imagined myself cumming in her mouth. I loved it.

After a month had passed, I finally had a break from school. True, it was just a long 3-day weekend, but it was plenty of time for me to make the three-hour drive to see her. It was always worth the drive.

I decided it would be best to make it a surprise visit. I always loved the look on her face when I walked through the door for the first time. I intentionally avoided discussing my weekend plans and portrayed a detailed image of me being swamped with homework and that I needed to do so much studying that I would hardly see the light of day (none of which was true).

During the drive, I thought about some of the things we had talked about over the phone throughout the past few weeks and immediately became hard as a fence post. While adjusting myself in my jeans to a more comfortable position my cell phone rang.


“Hey baby”, she responded in a seductive voice that did anything but help the situation. “What are you doing?”

“Just driving to…” I paused, realizing that I was about to ruin the surprise. “…the library to pick up some more books for my research paper.” I quickly covered

“Good baby, I’m glad you’re on top of things. I miss you.” She sounded so sweet when she said it I damn near gave it away right then.

Instead, I maintained composure and responded, “I miss you too love. I wish I didn’t have so much work to do. I would love to see you this weekend.”

“Yeah, me too, but I’m glad you’re getting your work done. Hopefully I’ll see you soon. I’ll let you get Antalya Escort back to your work though. Give me a call when you need a break or need to release some stress in any way possible.” I could hear the smile on her voice and knew what she was implying. Only if she knew, I definitely had plans to release stress, but with her playing a different role in the process.

“Thanks baby.” I replied. “I’ll certainly do that. I love you”

“I love you too papi. Bye.”

When I hung up the phone I began to think again about different positions I wanted her in. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, on her back with her legs spread, bouncing up and down on top of me. When I looked down at my speedometer I realized how excited I was to see her. I was driving at about 95mph and had no intentions of slowing down.

When the road signs began to point toward her exit I signaled, switched lanes and began to make my way through the streets of her college town. After arriving I got out of the car, stiff from the drive and also from the anticipating erotic thoughts I had been concocting for over a month. I covered the obvious bulge with a baggy sweatshirt and made my way toward her apartment.

As I approached her door I began to call her house on my cell phone. I froze, spotting her through the cracked blinds, rising from her seat to answer the call. Her hair, hung down past the middle of her back still lightly dripping from the shower. Her shirt ratted and worn strictly for around the house use left glimpses of her figure. The tip of her breasts pressed against her shirt as if trapped. I almost forgot to respond as she answered the phone, “Hello”.

“—Hey baby, sorry, I was looking at something. How are you?”

“I’m good, just got finished with some work. How’s studying going?”

“Better now.” I responded. “I’m thinking about going outside for a walk but the weather’s not too great here. How is it there?” I ask prompting her to look out the window.

“Hmmmmmmm. It’s been sunny, but a little chilly. I wish you were here to warm me up a little.”

With that plan failing I decided to take her up on her offer of warming her up. I knocked on her door loud enough to echo through her apartment.

She jumped, “Hold on baby, someone is at the door.”

With that I hung up the phone and waited for her to answer the knock. After peeking to discover that it was me on the other side Antalya Escort Bayan of the door she hastily answered the door with a confused look on her face. I smiled back, took the phone from her hand and hung it up. At the same time I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply. Slowly pushing her backwards, deeper into the apartment, I shut the door behind me and dropped my coat to the floor. While leaning her against a near wall I pressed myself against her feeling her warm body through her clothes and mine. She suddenly broke our passionate kiss with questions of confusion. I ignored. Kissing her neck vigorously her sentences became fragments; fragments became utterances; utterances turned to moans. As my tongue moved slowly up her neck toward her ear, I slipped my fingertips still chilled from the outside air up her shirt brushing lightly up her sides. She cringed either from the cold tips of my fingers or the light bite that I gave her earlobe simultaneously. I grabbed her forcefully, laid her down on the nearest couch while taking her clothes off her as quickly as possible. While tossing her shirt across the room she began unbuckling my belt. She sat up on one elbow, unbuttoned my pants with the opposite hand and fished my dick out of my boxer-briefs.

Looking up at me with a slight smirk she pushed my chest until my back was firm against the couch’s cushion. She swiftly scrambled to pull off my shoes and jeans, tossing them to the floor. She then traced her fingertips up the inside of my thigh until she reached the base of my underwear. With my dick fully hard she watched closely as it jumped toward her begging her to touch it, taste it, suck it. She squeezed her hands, one up each leg of my boxer-briefs and began to lightly scratch my balls. My back arching off the couch as my head rolled back. She laughed as she began licking at my stomach, scratching up my sides as her breasts pressed up against my upper thigh. Her tongue moved up toward my chest while her hands ventured down to remove my underwear leaving me with nothing but white socks and a stiff dick.

Her hands stroked me gently as she rubbed her body against mine leaving a trail of kisses down the center of my body. She massaged my thighs as she kissed my belly button and held my hips as licked at it vigorously. I could feel her breast resting on my balls, wanting her to lick them and to take them into her warm mouth Escort Antalya and massage each with her eager tongue.

It was almost like I sent my thoughts into her head. Before I could make a request she dove from my belly button down to my inner thighs lapping at them pressing her full tongue against me. When she reached the top of my thigh, my balls centimeters from her mouth, I could feel her warm breath on them for a brief moment before she took one into her mouth. Licking around it profusely she sucked it gently calling a moan out of me that couldn’t have been caused by my imagination with her three hours away. The feel of her touch, her warmth, her tongue had me wanting her in a way I had never felt before.

After tasting one of my balls, then the other she slowly licked her way up to the tip of my dick. Grabbing it with her hand, she began circling the tip with her tongue. Her breath increasing in tempo as if excited by this act. I feel the roof of her mouth press against the tip of my dick followed by her succulent lips close in on my shaft. Her tongue licked at me while she massaged the head with the roof of her mouth and the back of her tongue. She slowly began bobbing slowly up and down. I watched as her lips glided from the tip of my dick to about an inch from the base over and over. I enjoyed seeing saliva drip from her mouth as she increased the tempo to stroke me faster. I grabbed her hair and began thrusting harder into her mouth pushing me into the back of her throat. It felt better than any fantasy or phone sex episode that we had described. Her lips stroking me so eagerly, begging me to cum in her mouth made me want to do just that. I grabbed her head and began to create the rhythm necessary for me to cum. With me thrusting into her mouth and her squeezing her lips around me I was on the verge of cumming. She knew this. She grabbed my balls with one hand, took me out of her mouth and kept stroking me with the other. She looked me in the eyes and asked me, “Do you want to cum in my mouth baby?”

I, being speechless and on the verge of exploding, simply nodded as she placed her lips on the tip of my dick and began jacking me off with her hand. I exploded inside her mouth. She pushed me again into her mouth and milked me for everything inside of me. After a few moments of catching our breaths, she laid on top of me and began to question me about what I was doing there. She seemed so happy and surprised to see me, and that made me happy because I was happy to see her too.

I laid there with her on top of me thinking about all we had talked about doing and how much more time we had together. I was staying for a three day weekend and I had only been there one hour.

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