Welcome Home Connor Ch. 01

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Connor had a lot to do while he was home on leave for the short two weeks. He wanted to visit with as many friends and family he could before he had to report back to base and deploy with his unit. Being home was kind of bittersweet for him. The day he left for boot camp, his high school girlfriend dumped him for one of his buddies, which made him wonder how long they had been seeing each other before she broke it off with him. Connor was sure they were the only two people he didn’t want to see while he was home. It has been two years since he didn’t come home after boot camp before his first deployment. He knew that they were married now, and had a baby, but he still didn’t want to see them.

He decided that his first stop would be to see his best friend Kris. He and Kris had been best friends since kindergarten. They were both considered part of each others families. Pulling in to Kris’ driveway, Connor didn’t see his friend’s car. He decided to see if anyone was home, thinking they would know where he could find Kris.

The Front door opened up as he was getting out of the car and Connor had to do a double take. There was no way that was who he though it was. Kris’ older sister Cait was not this hot. Standing in front of him was a sultry red head hardly able to contain her excitement over seeing him.

“Connor!” she exclaimed as she came off the porch and pulled him into a hug.

“Cait?” Connor asked.

“Yep it’s me, 100 pounds lighter” she replied while still hugging him.

“Damn, you went and got hot,” Connor teased, pulling back to look her over.

He couldn’t believe how good she looked. He never really paid her any attention growing up. Cait was two years older than him and Kris, so Connor never really though of her as anything more than his friend’s sister. Although he did admire her tits even back then. He has always been a tit man, and he loved to think about Cait’s tits back in high school while beating off. He had always wanted to put his cock between them and titty fuck her until he came. Now he was trying his best to not get aroused. It had been before boot camp since he had gotten any.

“So where’s that brother of yours?” Connor asked, while trying to keep his eyes off her tits. Damn, he thought, she might have lost 100 pounds, but her tits didn’t seem to be any smaller.

“Kris is at work, he should be home in an hour or so,” Cait answered. “Want to come in and wait?”

“Sure, I have some time to kill,” Connor said as he followed her into the house, never taking his eyes off her luscious ass. Damn, he thought, that skirt hugs her ass just right. I’ve got to get myself under control before I get anymore aroused than I am. It would be embarrassing getting hard in front of Cait.

Cait knew the effect she was having on Connor. Since she decided to get fit two years ago, she has had quite a few admirers. She had to admit to herself, she wanted Connor when they were in high school, but she knew she wasn’t the type of girl he went for. Like most guys in this town, if you weren’t thin they wanted nothing to do with you. So she spent many nights thinking about the size of his cock and how good a fuck he’d be while rubbing her clit and fucking herself with her toys.

“Have Rize Escort a seat,” Cait said pointing to the couch as she sat down in the chair. “So what have you been up to for two years?” Damn, she thought, I’m getting wet just from seeing him ogle me.

“Well right after boot camp, my unit deployed and we just got back six months ago. I’ve been on base working since we came back. There really isn’t much to it,” Connor said. “We’re deploying again in four weeks, so I figured I should come visit everyone.”

“How long will you be home?” Cait asked.

“Two weeks. I have to report back on base by 0900 on the 29th,” Connor replied.

“I only get you for two weeks, that so sucks,” Cait said. Damn, she thought, I was hoping I’d have time to at least get my mouth around that cock bulging in his uniform.

Connor couldn’t believe he heard her right, he was so focused on her amazing tits, and the way she was squirming in the chair. He swore he saw a flash of her pussy under her skirt, but it had to be wishful thinking.

“Want a drink?” Cait asked ask she got up from the chair. I have to get some teasing in, maybe a bit of bending in the fridge to see what we have will get him interested, she thought, hoping he said yes.

“Sure, that’d be great,” Conner said, standing up to go into the kitchen to get it.

Walking to the kitchen behind Cait, Connor got another great look at her ass. He could swear she was shaking it a bit more than she normally does when she walks, but again, just wishful thinking on his part.

Cait opened up the fridge, thanking the gods that the sodas were on the bottom shelf. Bending over to look at what kind there was, her skirt rode up her ass and gave Connor a great pussy shot.

OMG, Connor thought to himself. He couldn’t believe that Cait wasn’t wearing any panties, and that she had bent over so far that he could see her shaved slit. If he wasn’t mistaken, her pussy was dripping wet and she had bent over like that on purpose.

Walking up behind her, Connor put both hands on her luscious ass giving her a rough squeeze on each cheek. To his surprise, Cait leaned back into his hands and let out a soft moan. Not wanting to give her time to change her mind, Connor slid his right hand down to find her wet slit, while running the left hand up her back slowly to reach her ponytail. Giving a slight tug on her hair, Connor rammed two fingers deep into her dripping pussy, resulting in a louder moan from Cait.

“Oh god, Connor, fuck me harder. I am so horny,” Cait moaned as she braced herself with her arms on the shelf in the fridge. Her nipples were erect from the constant grazing across the cool shelf, sending even more pleasurable pulses to her cunt.

Connor pulled his fingers out of Cate’s pussy to her disappointment. He pulled her up out of the fridge, picked her up and sat her on the edge of the counter with her skirt shoved up around her waist, giving Connor an awesome view of her pussy. Connor pulled Cait’s shirt up over her head revealing her big luscious tits. Connor took one tit in his left hand and took the other in his mouth sucking and biting on Cait’s nipple. Connor leaned over sucking on the other nipple, while moving his Rize Escort Bayan hand down her body toward her pussy, then following with his tongue.

Spreading her pussy lips with his fingers, Connor leaned in a flicked his tongue across Cait’s clit. Cait shuttered with the sensations, raising her pussy closer to his mouth, inviting him to taste more of her pussy. Connor slid his tongue into her pussy, thrusting in and out, as if he were fucking her with his cock. Rubbing her clit with his finger, he continued to lap up her pussy juices, bringing Cait closer to climax.

“Oh fuck Connor, eat my pussy, you’re going to make me cum,” Cait moaned.

Connor slid his tongue up her pussy lips, finding her clit and started sucking it, flicking his tongue over it ever few seconds. Sliding his fingers back into Cait’s pussy, Connor thrust into her slowly, keeping her just on the brink of climax. Suddenly he pulled his finger out of her pussy, and started rubbing her pussy juice on her ass crack, pressing a finger firmly on her anus. Cait bucked at the stimulation of Connor sucking her clit while playing with her asshole, needing his fingers inside her again.

“You want it don’t you Cait? Tell me how much you want to feel my finger fucking your ass,” Connor whispered.

“God Connor, I need it, I need to have your fingers buried in my ass, while you suck my clit. Please I need to cum,” Cait begged.

Teasing her a bit more, Connor moved his fingers back to her pussy, to get them lubricated with her juices, so he could slide them into her ass easily. Cait scooted her ass closer to the edge of the counter, placing her legs on Connors shoulders, giving him better access to her ass. Connor rammed two fingers in her asshole deep as he could go, while still sucking on her clit. Cait squealed with delight, as Connor brought her over the edge, releasing her juices in his mouth and on his face. Connor continued to finger fuck Cait’s ass while he lapped up the juices that were now flowing in a constant stream from her cunt.

Cait leaned back against the cool counter, enjoying the sensations Connor gave her body. Connor kissed his way from her pussy to her mouth, pulling her against him. Sliding his tongue in her mouth, giving her a taste of her own pussy juice, Connor couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He pulled her off the counter, placing her on the floor in front of him. Unbuckling his uniform pants with one hand, pulling Cait to his cock by her ponytail with the other hand, he looked down at her and said “suck it whore.”

Needing no more encouragement than that Cait finished unbuckling Connor’s pants, pulling them and his boxers down to his ankles. Taking his rock hard cock in her hands, Cait slowly stroked the length of his dick. ” I always knew you had to have a big cock, but I wasn’t expecting this,” she said to him. Connor’s cock was the biggest she had ever seen, outside of porn that is. He had a ten inch beautifully cut cock, with balls the size of tennis balls. She loved big cocks, but loved big balls more.

Starting at the top of his cock, Cait ran her tongue down his length, across his balls, and back up to the tip. Connor grabbed her ponytail, forcing his cock into Escort Rize her willing mouth. Cait was content to let Connor fuck her mouth, using her ponytail to move her head up and down his shaft. Reaching up with her left hand, she began to massage his balls, while he fucked her face.

Connor looked down at Cait, gagging on his cock, playing with his balls, damn he was going to cum soon. He didn’t want to waste his chance of fucking her pussy, so he pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Get up slut,” he ordered, pulling her up by her ponytail.

Leading Cait by her ponytail, Connor said “Bend over with your chest flat on the floor and your ass in the air. Then don’t move.” Helping her get into position, Connor grabbed Cait by the hips and moved her back a toward him, taking the time to admire her shapely ass.

The anticipation was killing Cait. She couldn’t wait to feel his hard cock deep in her cunt. Feeling Connor’s cock slide up and down her pussy slit, teasing her, Cait pushed back trying to get him to fuck her sooner. “I said don’t move slut. You’ll get fucked when I’m ready to fuck you,” Connor growled out.

Cait quit moving hoping that Connor wouldn’t make her wait too long for not listening to him. Connor grabbed her by her ponytail, pulling her head back toward him, while thrusting his cock, balls deep into her pussy.

“Oh fuck Connor, fuck me. Fuck me like the whore I am,” Cait screamed with pleasure.

“You are so fucking tight Cait. I can’t believe a little whore like you could be this tight. I’ve heard all kinds of things about you, how you like to fuck anyone and anywhere. I couldn’t wait to get my cock into this cunt of yours,” Connor said while thrusting deeper into her pussy.

Connor’s pace increased as he thrust deeper into her pussy, bringing himself closer to climax. He knew he was going to have a huge load, and he didn’t want to waste it cumming in her pussy. He wanted to see her bathe in his cum, all over her body.

“Finger that clit whore, I know you’re close to cumming on my dick, your pussy is getting tighter. I’m going to cum all over your body slut. When I pull out I want to see your face, mouth open waiting for my load to hit you.” said Connor.

Cait couldn’t take it anymore, playing with her clit while he was fucking her so good, she was about to orgasm again. “Fuck Connor, harder, please, I’m almost there. I’m going to cum on your cock,” she moaned out.

Connor picked up his pace, pounding her harder and deeper than before. Cait let out a low growl, and her pussy tightened on Connor’s dick as he brought her to climax one last time.

That was all it took, Connor had to pull out quickly and turn Cait to face him. Before she was completely around, Connor’s cock exploded with one of the fiercest orgasms he had ever had. The first spurt hit her on her cheek, then the next landed in her mouth and dripping down her chin. Cait took Connor’s cock in her hand, aiming it at her tits while stroking more cum from Connor’s cock. Letting go of his cock, she started rubbing his cum into her tits, licking his cum from her chin.

Connor pulled Cait up to his body, holding her tight, placing soft kisses on her neck and face.

“Damn Cait, I, umm, wow,” was all he could manage to stammer out.

“I needed it just as much as you did Connor. I have a feeling you are going to have a very memorable two weeks leave,” Cait said as she leaned down and took his softening cock into her mouth, cleaning the cum off him.

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