Wet T Shirt Contest

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Cyn and I were at a party being thrown by one of her friends from work. Not too many people were there. A few other couples and a few guys from Cyn’s work that had come stag. Most everyone had been drinking a bit, but one guy seemed on his way to passing out. He was going around hanging on everyone.

“This party is kinda boring,” he said to Molly, the hostess.

“I’m sorry you feel that way, John, what can we do to make this more interesting for you?”

“I’m glad you asked,” he replied with a wolfish grin appearing on his face. “I think the girls should compete in a wet t-shirt contest. What do you think guys?”

The guys that had come stag started whooping it up making their appreciation of the idea known. Everyone else looked at John dubiously. I stepped up and said, “John, I think that you probably should be at Charlie’s bar. I understand they have a contest like that.”

“Ah, come on guys, wouldn’t that be fun?”

Again the guys whooped it up, with a few more joining in. As they did join in, their wives looked at them crossly. And that hushed them up. John came up to Molly and looked intently at her chest. “I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to see these breasts….”

Molly backed away from him, and Ted, her husband stepped in front of John. “That’s enough, John. Perhaps you’ve had a little too much to drink.”

“Well, maybe so, but I was just sorry I missed the night that Molly and Cyn did the wet-t at Charlie’s”

Ted and I both looked at John, and then at our wives. “What?” I asked.

“I heard that Molly and Cyn did the contest at Charlie’s one night. They didn’t win but they should have, don’t you think?” With that, the guys did cheer.

The girls were turning red and we knew that John wasn’t making something up. They explained that one night when it was girl’s night out, they had done it. They had gotten a little drunk, and then urged each other to participate. They admitted that they had been hit on a lot after the contest was over. They left soon after because the heat was too much for them. As they talked about the night, I started to remember what had happened after Cyn got home that night. She had been like a wild woman in bed fucking my brains out, but also sucking me, and all sorts of other stuff that she doesn’t normally do. In fact, that had been the night she let me put it up her ass, and she hadn’t let me do that since the first time we had tried it and she said she didn’t like it. When she was that wild in bed, I had asked her about it, but I figured it was just the alcohol causing it.

As they were talking about it, I started to get turned on! I couldn’t explain that, but suddenly the thought of lots of strangers looking at my wife’s tits caused me to get hard. It seemed to have the same effect on several of the guys there.

“Look at all those flagpoles,” Judy said looking at our crotches. “I’d say they are up for it if we are girls.”

Before I knew it the girls were upstairs ransacking Ted’s closet for t’s they could use for the thing. The group had decided that the winner could ulus escort have any desire fulfilled. The guys waited patiently in the living room for the girls to get into their t-shirts. Soon they came downstairs each wearing a white t-shirt. The thing that shocked us was that they all had removed their skirts and so forth and had just their panties on. They saw our stares and explained that they didn’t want to ruin those clothes with the water.

Due to human nature….or husband’s nature, it was assumed that each of us would vote for our wives even if we didn’t really feel that way. So, it was decided that the four guys who had come stag would make up the committee. They would each cast a vote and the winner would be decided by them.

Ted turned up the music and I squirted the girls down. It was getting quite exciting and I could not hide my enthusiasm. Cyn looked at my hardon and winked. Then she and the other four girls started doing their dances. Showing off, and every once in awhile one of them would flash us a little. Just in case we weren’t getting the full picture through the wet t. Each of the ladies was especially attentive to the judges.

John voted for Molly. Greg voted for Cyn. And both Rick and Steve voted for Judy. I piped in “Anyone could have won it because Jill and Stacy were both great too.”

Jill and Stacy came over on either side of me and said in unison, “Our hero” And both kissed me on the cheek. They stayed there gripping my arms as they looked over at Judy and asked, “What does the winner want fulfilled?”

Judy looked thoughtful for a moment, and then announced, “I think the tables should be turned a bit. I think all the guys should line up on that wall, and take down their pants. Then the one with the biggest cock is to be the one to win my victory t-shirt. He can take it off me and keep it as a souvenir, but there is one restriction. He must remove it using only his teeth.”

The girls all cheered this decision. Then Judy herded us to the wall and instructed us to remove our pants. We did and she looked at us with disapproval. “How can I judge your cock size if it’s still in your underwear? Off with it fellas.” More cheering from the girls.

Judy stepped up to her husband, Tom. “I expected you to win this, dear, but you do have some stiff competition.” Everyone laughed. Judy perused each guy thoughtfully. Then she asked me, Ted, and Tom to step forward. She gave us the visual once over again. Then to our surprise, she reached out and took hold of Ted’s dick. She examined him in a clinical, appraising manner. And then did the same to me. “I don’t need to do this to Tom’s since I see it every night.”

“Well, it’s a toss up, but since this is your t-shirt to begin with, Ted, I think I should elect you the winner and you can get your shirt back.”

She went and sat down on the couch. All of us gathered around as Ted started the procedure. He stood in front of her and raised the hem above her breasts. Then he moved behind her and raised that hem. Once yenimahalle escort he had that hem to her neck, he leaned her back and raised her arms by taking a thumb into his mouth and pulling her hand up into position. While he had been working on the back hem, the front hem had worked it’s way to her nipples. He leaned down over her and took the hem in his teeth again and pulled. She cried out a bit in pleasure because he had ‘accidentally’ gotten her nipple in with the hem. She moaned and it was obvious that she had cum.

“Sorry if I hurt you,” he said as he gave the nipple a kiss to make it all better. She reached down between her legs and moaned again. He managed to get the t off over her head and pulled it up and off her arms.

“I came twice…..You girls gotta try this.”

Molly pulled John over to the couch and went through the same process. Stacy selected her husband Frank because she didn’t want to make him mad. Jill pulled me over, and I did my best but was a little clumsy. I ended up biting her nipples twice, and ‘accidentally’ licking her instead of getting the hem to my teeth. I didn’t go around behind her as the others had elected to, and when I had her t above her head, I knelt on the couch in front of her and pulled it off that way. My dick brushed her breast when I stood on the couch to get her t off her upraised arms. It lurched in response and she smiled and gave it a quick peck. Everybody gasped in surprise. But then they realized that the evening was already crazy….and probably anything went for tonight.

Cyn got Greg since he had voted for her and pulled him over to the couch. He knelt before her and began working the hem up. He acted as though he was having problems getting it over her ample tits. And he nuzzled his face into them as he worked the hem over to reveal her awesome breasts, and large nipples. Her eyes were closed, and her nipples were poking out at the attention. “Wow,” Greg said as he eyed the beauties. He leaned forward to continue his work but then veered and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it momentarily then pulled away. “Sorry, Jeff, but they were just too tempting.”

“I understand,” I replied.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” he mumbled as his mouth went to the other nipple. Everyone watched with rapt attention as Greg licked, sucked, and bit her nipples until she came. After he had gotten her to climax, he continued his work on her t, and got it over her head, and then off her arms.

“Did all you ladies cum?” Judy asked. Each responed in the positive except for Stacy who looked sheepishly at the floor. Judy appraised her and then said, “Well, what did you expect silly? You had your husband do you, and that would be like any other night for you, and not in the spirit of this night. We’re being wild and crazy tonight!”

“I didn’t want to make Frank mad,” Stacy answered.

“”Honey, you didn’t have to use me for that reason…” Frank told her.

“I didn’t?”

“No. Like Judy said, it wasn’t in the spirit of the night. I’m sorry you missed out on your fun.”

“Well, she can still have some fun.” Judy announced. She had Tom come over and hold Stacy’s arms together above her head. Then she had Rick and Steve sit on either side of Stacy on the couch. Then she had Bob sit between her legs. “Now, you men give Stacy oral attention until she cums.”

The guys had just started their work when Stacy shook with climax. Judy smiled, “See, I knew it wouldn’t take long if you did it in the spirit of tonight.”

“We’ve all cum, but the guys haven’t,” Molly pointed out. “And since there are only five women, and nine guys, most of us will have to double up.” So saying she grabbed Tom and Bob and pulled them to a spot where she knelt down in front of them. She took Tom’s dick into her mouth, and kept a hand on each cock. She alternated her slurping back and forth between the two guys. They stood there with their heads tilted back enjoying the attention. She could tell Tom was getting close. She put the tip of his dick in her mouth and jacked him with her hand. He came and she swallowed. After licking him clean, she put her mouth over Bob’s cock and jacked him with both hands until he came down her throat.

Rick and Steve were already on either side of Stacy, and she leaned over to take Steve’s cock in her mouth. Rick rubbed her ass as she sucked Steve’s cock. She got up on her knees which put her ass up in the air as she sucked Steve. Nobody knew what the rules were. Whether the girls were supposed to suck only…. Taking a chance, Rick moved his cock to Stacy’s pussy lips and looked at Frank. He nodded, and he rammed it home. Stacy squealed, and juiced around his cock. With Rick pumping into her, she increased her ministrations on Steve. Both men came within a minute of each other.

Meanwhile Judy knelt down in front of Greg and Jill pulled me over. “I owe you this,” she said as she pushed me onto a chair, and knelt to suck my cock. Judy and Jill were both excellent at blowjobs, and it wasn’t long before they had Greg and I squirting their faces with our loads.

I looked over and saw my wife, Cyn, taking the hand of Frank and pushing him onto the couch. She straddled his cock and sank her sopping pussy down on his dick. Ted was behind the couch and she pulled him over and sucked his cock. Frank bit and sucked Cyn’s nipples as she rode him. She was moaning loudly.

“I think you girls forgot about me,” John said as he walked up behind the scene on the couch. He asked Molly to get him some Vaseline.

She returned with it, and he spread a little over Cyn’s asshole as she fucked Frank and sucked Ted. Then, he eased his dick into Cyn. She screamed and then started moving again. “You guys have me stuffed! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass, John!”

Frank and John obliged the request and started bucking hard into her. She came twice as they fucked her two holes. Frank and John both came.

“I don’t think I can come in your mouth,” Ted said. Molly agreed that her husband had never climaxed from a blowjob.

Cyn moved up to lie on the back of the couch. Ted positioned himself between her legs standing on the side at the back of the couch. He slid his dick into her cum-soaked pussy. Her huge tits rocked back and forth as he pounded into her. I came over and sucked on her nipples as the third man of the night fucked my wife.

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