What I Learned in College Ch. 04.4

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The idea for these narratives started as talks with my wife about my sex drive vs. hers. She holds the viewpoint that I am somewhat overly focused on sex at our age, which is for us, early our 50s. We have had many discussions and comparing of experiences, what it all actually accomplished is yet to be seen.

What I Learned in College- Chapter 4.4 – Liz – First, We talk…

From the previous chapter-“I feel really slutty. You came all over me.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so concerned about the pensive gaze of Liz’s face as she stood there nude but for a pair of black boy shorts panties.

“Mal, I want us to make love this afternoon. It would be nice after me fucking you last night. But…I want talk about…” Liz coolly offered.

Oh, shit…I was thinking while keeping a straight face. Can’t we just have some more sex?

It had been a good day so far with Liz and I playing a gig (even if it was a funeral), getting paid and tipped well, having a drink and then the best part so far…we were in a nice hotel room and I had just face fucked her, cum in her mouth and all over her.

Surely she needed a fucking worse than a talk?

Her hand been in her panties while she was on her knees sucking me and she had to be wet and ready, so what the fuck?

I had a lot to learn about women regardless of how long I had known one, how horny she might be or any other considerations. Asking what there could be to talk about is like asking the sun shines during the day.

Of course, I’ve left out the part about finding out Liz and Janice were friends with benefits, fucking Janice and Liz in front of each other and that Liz’s Mom suspected what was going on with Janice and had confronted Liz, who used me as a cover story.

Heavy sigh, mentally. Perhaps I lacked finesse and patience as a horny 20 year old?

Again, what could there be to discuss?

Liz was without a doubt the smarter of the two of us overall. That wasn’t going to keep me from using all my limited skills to derail whatever it was she was going to go on about. I had skills to use in accomplishing that Çankaya Escort and certainly had Liz at a disadvantage.

Besides bringing water, I had picked up a small bottle of lotion from the bathroom. Backrubs can forestall all bullshit, at least for a while.

I explained to Liz that she should tell me “all about it”. But, would it be better if we were sitting on the bad and I was rubbing her neck and shoulders while we talked?

So, in no time at all she was sitting in front of me between my legs and groaning and purring as I used my large hands of her delicate but surprisingly muscled neck and shoulders. This wasn’t the first time I had done this for her, just the first time doing so with her nearly naked!

What most people don’t realize is that an active, practicing piano has a lot of strength in the hands, forearms and so forth, right on to their shoulders chest and upper back. Touch-ing Liz was a real experience in how smooth and soft her skin felt over the sinewy muscle. I had more than enough strength in my hands to find the little knotted junctures in her muscles and gently work them out.

Liz purred and groaned for a while before telling me what I had missed in the last year or so. I got a not too clichéd story about Janice coming back to there room after a date with her asshole boyfriend and crying on Liz’s shoulder for about the hundredth time.

Nothing unusual, except that time, Liz had on a pair of panties and a tank top. Liz skipped a few details and got right to the point, which was Janice, in the midst of crying and being consoled, suddenly kissed an exposed part of Liz’s right breast.

The way Liz told it, they ended up finger banging and 69ing that night. When they woke up in bed the next morning, Janice’s brushed the whole incident of saying:

“I couldn’t help it. I was so horny and you know I love you as a friend…” and so forth.

Liz’s take on their relationship was no surprise and sort of the same reason we were fucking. Trusted friends and horniness can be a volatile combination.

I Keçiören Escort asked her a question to which I more or less already knew the answer. Those are the best kind to ask.

“So, why set me up with Janice if you wanted to fuck me?”

As expected, Liz answered thusly; “Janice, besides being a tease, is a jealous little bitch. I love her, but that’s a truth we both know. She had no scruples about fucking you after we had talked about you a few times last year.”

“Did you to plan what happened last night?” I asked. I got to hear Liz tell me what I was fairly sure of yet again.

Liz leaned back on me, lifted her legs up and slipped off her panties before saying,

“I didn’t plan down to the minute. In fact, I didn’t know what was going to happen for sure until Janice called me to ask I come over.” Liz said. She stopped talking and straddled my lap with her back to me, as she leaned forward while rubbing the head of my cock between her wet cunt lips.

“Sucking your cock gets me wet.,” she announced as she took me inside her wetness.

What a view! Liz had a cute, tight, pinkish anus that stretched and winked as she fucked herself with my cock. Her ass was almost heart shaped. I would have asked her if she knew I was going to fuck her in the ass at some point in the near future, but being as this was Liz, she was probably showing off her nether hole on purpose!

Liz seemed to be happy doing most of the work and controlling the speed and depth at which we were coupling, so I let her. The rocking motion of her hips and the warm slickness of her cunt had the total attention of my cock. The rest of me was frozen in the moment.

After the sucking she had given me, and the amount fucking I had been party to in the last day or so, I felt like I could last a long time. If that’s what Liz needed, so be it!

Once again, what I thought was going to happen didn’t. Liz began to thrust me into herself with a bit more vigor as she laid face down on my right leg, reaching between her own legs and giving her Etimesgut Escort clit a rubbing. I held my place and grasp a tight cheek with each hand as I began to knead her ass.

Liz began to groan and sometimes grunt as she fucked herself. I couldn’t resist rimming her winking anus with the thumb of my right hand. The way her anus ever so slightly opened to my very gently touch made me wonder if ass play was part of the routine with Janice?

The last thing I felt that I could do at that very moment was to remove my cock from Liz’s wet cunt and test my theory about her receptive asshole. I wanted Liz to cum hard on my cock and for my cock to be the only one she wanted. Who was a “jealous little bitch” now?

A surge of wetness from her cunt encouraged me to wet my probing thumb with my own spit and press it against Liz’s sphincter. As I remember It, she came just before pushing back on my cock hard and helping my thumb go in her ass to the first joint.

I heard her say, “Fuck!” as she, reaching back, slapped my left leg with her left hand and then dug her thumb and index finger into the tendons just above my knee. It hurt, but my cock and thumb were too happy to be bothered with a little pain.

Liz flattened out across my lap and legs and quivered just a bit. I kept rubbing her ass and did not remove my thumb from her asshole. I wanted it to be my cock in there…all slick with her pussy juice and a big load.

“Your thumb is way bigger around than Janice’s middle finger.” Liz said, belaboring the obvious and answering the question she knew I wanted answered. Then she rocked back on both my appendages.

“Goddam that feels good…” she said, before stopping her grinding and squirming towards my feet the disengaged from the penetration.

“Can we take a little break before you fuck me hard?” asked Liz, looking at me inquisitively from the foot of the bed.

“Come up here and lets not talk about fucking for a moment.” I answered, reaching out to get her to come to me and cuddle.

Liz repositioned herself. Having her tucked in and wrapped around my body felt too good. I’ve always hated my ability to not live in the moment, but projecting ahead to when the situation has changed and mostly anticipating things being worse. I no way to beat back the regret at not having been together long before. It troubled me that I couldn’t see how to prolong the situation beyond the summer.

– To be continued –

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