What Lana Taught Me Ch. 04-06

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(The story so far: virgin Ricky thought it was going to be a dull hot summer until he got the hots for his chubby upstairs neighbor Lana. But the only way to go to bed with her was to agree to join her and her husband in bed. What’s a horny boy to do?)


We slept together, the three of us, all curled together in Bart and Lana’s bed. That was one of the most exciting parts, waking up nestled against her, my arm around her big round belly, her chubby arm reaching down into the fur between her thighs, her fat heavy breasts rolling off to one side, her red curls half-covering her face as she slept, angelically.

And then behind me, one of Bart’s rough hairy arms around me, and his soft cock pressed up against my back. I had no interest in letting him put it in me back there, but it was very pleasantly cozy being sandwiched between the two of them, totally nude. And now, for nearly eight hours, being no longer a virgin.

As I started to stir I saw Lana open one eye sleepily. “I had a feeling you’d wake up raring to go, she said, reaching down and grabbing my stiff cock as if she was checking to make sure it was still there. Bart rolled off of me and pulled a pillow over his head, and so Lana scooted over and lay there on her back, big breasts rolling to either side, a vast expanse of white belly beneath them, and her legs slightly spread apart to reveal that inflamed pink place in between. “Mmm, do whatever you want,” she said sleepily, and shut her eyes again.

I grabbed one fat tit and sucked on the nipple, while my hand roamed over that broad smooth tummy and slid through the scratchy hair and then into that velvety smooth wet place between round thighs which seemed to close around my hand. She moaned as I rubbed up and down in that wet spot, not rally knowing what I was doing or doing anything in particular, just enjoying at long last what it felt like to feel that place I’d looked at in magazines so intently. She seemed to suck my fingers inside, and I rubbed them inside, feeling a little bump toward the top and rubbing it rather vigorously until she sleepily said “Gently, lover, gently.” Lover, she’d called me lover. I was in love with that feeling, for sure.

Then I kissed my way down the belly and nuzzled my nose in her fur, and she obligingly spread her legs apart as I licked the wet slit that gaped before me. I didn’t even think about the fact that she had been cum in three or four times, although the taste and texture was a little different, thicker. It wouldn’t have bothered me if I’d figured it out, I wanted to make her cum, though I really didn’t have any idea how to do it. I was secretly relieved a moment later when I saw her fingers appear on her clit and push me downward. Fat fingers rubbing a red little nub, giant thighs jiggling back and forth I’d never seen anything so beautiful in all my life, and I just lapped at the mix of cunt juices and cum as she moaned and then closed her fat thighs around my head and convulsed. It was the most inspiring sight I’d ever seen, Lana cumming right on my face.

She pulled my head up and I climbed on top of her. She licked cum and her own juices off my face as I slipped into her sloppy wetness. I guess I’d been humping the bed a little as I’d been eating her, because it didn’t take long of flopping around on her big white belly, watching those big fat tits bounce back and forth, before I was cumming again myself. She squeezed me tight and seemed to enjoy each spasm as I fired what little I had left into her.

As I rolled off of her a moment later she made a motion toward her snoozing husband. I joined her as we pulled the covers down, revealing his soft cock. She took it into her mouth and it quickly began to rise even as Bart muttered “aw, not this early.” But Lana wasn’t one to take no for an answer from a naked man, and as she popped his erect cock out of her mouth she offered it to me as well. We began to lick opposite sides of it, letting our tongues run across each other as we bobbed up and down the head and the thick veiny shaft. After a moment she climbed on top of him and I watched as the cock disappeared into her swollen red lips, her huge heart-shaped ass swallowing it alive. She lay forward, fully on top of him, and stretched her legs out on top of his, then motioned to me. “Uh, where?” I said, not sure if I was about to set another personal record.

“The same place as him,” she said, “if you can go again.” If I could go again? I was 19 and I could do it ten more times, or at least until it bled. I climbed on top of her, to a groan from Bart, and she grabbed my cock and slid it on top of his. It wasn’t easy, or particularly graceful, but she fucked Bart while keeping me in place until a few minutes later, he bellowed to indicate he was cumming and I could feel his cock jerking against mine inside her hot slippery snatch.

* * *

“Who’s makin’ breakfast?” Bart said a moment later, the pillow still partway over his face.

“I think it’s time you tandoğan escort had a girlfriend,” Lana said at breakfast.

I wasn’t sure how to answer that. It was true that I couldn’t exactly claim Lana as my girlfriend, not with her husband sitting at the table. But having licked her pussy, sucked her husband’s cock in tandem with her, and fucked her while he was inside her too, it seemed to me that I wasn’t entirely without female company, either.

“Yeah, it’s one thing to swing with us,” Bart said, “but you need to get yourself a girlfriend your own age. That you can go to, you know–“

“Malt shops and sock hops, gramps?” Lana suggested, propping one leg up so that I could see her big jiggly thigh all the way up to the curly red hairs.

“You know what I mean,” Bart said. “Go to the movies, feel her up, whatever.”

“Well, I was thinking of asking that Cindy at work–“

“What are you waiting for?” Lana said, leaning back further, her big round tits flopping to either side under her sheer white chiffon nightie. One hand dropped into her lap and seemed to idly scratch an itch.

“I don’t know if she’d want to go out with me–” I said, lamely.

“There’s a really easy way to find out,” Lana said.

“Girls are dying for guys to ask them out,” Bart said. “Even if she says no, she’ll be flattered–“

“The stuck up little bitch,” Lana said. “But she won’t say no. And if she does, I’ll call her and tell her how well you eat pussy,” she added, and by now she was definitely rubbing herself, her big round ass grinding back into the chair.

“And then maybe you can bring her back here to meet your best friends,” Bart said.

* * *


“I had a really good time,” Cindy said, as we sat side by side on swings at the playground down the street. Bart and Lana were right; she was happy to go out with me, she’d been waiting for me to ask, and now it was the end of our first date, and I had no idea what to do. So I moved my swing over, and tried to kiss her.

She kissed back, for a moment, and then moved away. Sitting in swings, I couldn’t get any closer without getting up. “I really like you, Ricky,” she said. “But I don’t want to rush things.”

“I’m not trying to rush anything,” I said, a bit desperately since of course that’s exactly what I was doing. “But I really like you, too, and I’d really like to kiss you for a minute.”

It was an incredibly dorky thing to say, but somehow setting a time limit made it okay. She got up from the swing and we went over to a little shaded area, not too visible from the street (but not completely secluded either), and sat down.

“I’ve been through a really bad relationship once,” Cindy said. “It’s not something I want to go through again.”

“It won’t,” I said. “What happened? Tell me– if you want somebody to talk to.”

She swallowed hard. “He wanted me to do things that I wasn’t ready to do.” My lurid porn-fired imagination took over, and I suddenly imagined sweet Cindy in S&M gear or something. “Like what?”

She shuddered at the memory. “He wanted me to… do it with him. And I just wasn’t ready for that. And other things… to him. I don’t want to feel that kind of pressure from you.”

Don’t sit in my lap and you won’t feel the pressure, I thought. “I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do,” I lied. “But I really like you and I’d really like to kiss you.”

“I want to kiss you, too, Ricky,” she said, and closed her eyes. I leaned forward and our lips met, and we kissed on the outside for a moment before I let my tongue slowly travel to her mouth. It met hers, but for the moment she didn’t seem to want to let it go any further.

I put my hand around her waist, aiming for that neutral area above the hips, but apparently not quite high enough, because she soon moved my hand up an inch or two. Now I felt her tongue relax a little and I let mine travel in a little further. She seemed okay with that, so now I let my leg rest against hers. She let me do that, too, but her knees stayed tightly together. It was interesting now to be making out (however timidly) with someone who was as petite and bony as Lana was full-figured and womanly.

We kissed like this for a moment but my efforts to go further were resisted at every turn–my hands moved up a little and her elbow clamped down along her side, I stuck my tongue in further and I found myself kissing her ear, which wasn’t all bad as I nuzzled her neck and she moaned softly. Then, suddenly, she stood up.

“I think it’s time to go,” she said. “We should go out again,” she added.

“Uh, sure,” I said, trying to hide the tentpole in my pants.

* * *

Bart answered the door with his shirt off and a beer in his hand. “Hey, tiger, did you get any?”

“Are you kidding,” I said, as he let me in and reached for a beer for me.

“We, uh, kissed a little, but that was all.”

“Well, kid, tunalı escort the chase is half the fun,” he said. “At least, it is till you catch them, then the fucking is all the fun. So you must be having a serious case of the blue balls, all making out and no relief,” he said.

I shrugged, a little embarrassedly. “We’ll see what we can do about that,” he said, and sat down next to me on the couch, rubbing my crotch as my cock rapidly grew again.

“Is Lana here?”

“It’s girl’s night out,” he said. “And boy’s night in, if you’re willing and you’d like to do something about those blue balls of yours,” he said, reaching into my fly and pulling out a hard and until now, rather ignored cock, and dropping to his knees to put it in his mouth.

Bart glided up and down my cock with his mouth, enveloping it with his tongue in a way even Lana didn’t seem to get quite right (not that I had any other female for comparison at that point). Meanwhile he roamed over my chest, tweaking my nipples and rubbing me with his rough, manly hands. I wasn’t quite sure what else to do, so I just sort of half-heartedly rubbed his back and head as he did it. After my carefully controlled makeout session with Cindy, I was ready to pop, and it only took a little of his attentions before I was coming in his mouth and he swallowed it quickly with each spurt.

When I was done he moved back up onto the couch and pulled my shirt over my head, then put his arms around me and we kissed for the first time. I was getting so I liked the rough hairy feeling of another man, it was so different from a big fluffy pillow like Lana. Since I had just cum, though, I wasn’t keen on sucking him off at that second, so I just kind of rubbed his pants and felt his cock getting hard in his pants.

Guess I misgauged the effect of that because in no time somehow we were both completely out of our clothes and he was laying back while I was pulling on his hot hard cock. I looked it over as I pulled the uncircumcised glans over the head; I had played with it and licked it before now but this was my first chance to study it. It seemed so natural now, I liked playing with my own cock (obviously), so it was nothing strange to play with somebody else’s. I thought about what Cindy, my date earlier that evening, had said about being pressured to suck some earlier boyfriend and the almost visceral dislike she had had for the idea. What was the problem? I wondered, as I licked the tip, outlined the head with my tongue, and then tried to imitate Bart’s movements as I glided up and down the shaft, going further and further each time as the head reached deeply back into my mouth, just stopping short of the gag reflex.

I sucked and sucked, feeling his scratchy pubic hair in my nose, cupping his balls in my hand, and it wasn’t long until I felt his body stiffen up and then the first spurt hit my throat, filling my mouth with a warm salty taste. I swallowed it down automatically, seemed easier than dealing with it if I let it out, and it was no big deal after I had swallowed my own a couple of times. Another spurt came and I kept it in my mouth for a second, then washed it down. A smaller one, and I let that linger on my lips as I lifted my mouth off his cock and kissed the head, then nuzzled his balls.

Bart led me to the bedroom now. Again, I was a bit nervous because I really didn’t intend to get boned up the ass, but I couldn’t find a way to say that to him. But we just snuggled together under the sheets, playing with each other’s nipples and cock. He kissed his way down my chest and licked around my cock, sucking on my balls, and then– he was spreading my ass, licking my asshole. My God, I’d never even thought of such a thing before, I suppose it must have been in Penthouse Forum but somehow the very concept had eluded me and now here he was, tickling my pucker with his tongue, trying to force it inside. It blew my mind, I’d let him do anything at that instant. Almost.

Then he started playing with my asshole with a wet finger and before I knew it he had slid a finger inside me. Again, nothing I hadn’t done to myself, and with a bigger item (a candle), but still, it was a shock, I felt like he had taken control of me, which only made me more nervous. Sure enough, a moment later he was kissing my face and saying, “God, Rick, I want to fuck you so bad. Please let me show you how awesome it could be.”

I couldn’t do it, and I finally stammered out the fact. He tried to persuade me some more, and offered to let me fuck him first, but I just wouldn’t agree. Finally he suggested something else, and persuaded me that it wasn’t just a trick to slip his cock in my ass while I wasn’t looking. He told me to lie down on my stomach, and got some lube from the nightstand and spread it up and down the crack of my ass. Then he lay on top of me, laying his cock down in the trench of my buttocks, and began to rub himself against my ass without fucking me. I türbanlı escort reached under myself and began to work my cock in the same rhythm as he fucked my crack. It was really exciting to have him on top of me, feel him getting more excited and worked up as he slid up and down on my ass without being inside me. I felt him stiffen up and little spurts hit my back. Then he lay down on me, our sweat gluing us together, and it only took a few more strokes before I came in my hand.

Sometime toward the morning Lana came home. She didn’t seem surprised to see us in bed together; seeing me awake she slipped off her clothes, first pulling the straps down of her dress to reveal her big floppy tits and soft belly, then letting it drop over her big round ass and revealing her furry mound. She climbed in next to me and we kissed, and as I felt her massive hips I realized I smelled pussy on her lips. It hadn’t occurred to me until then that girl’s night out meant that.

She stroked me until I was hard again and then climbed on top, her weight pushing me down into the bed, her stomach rolling over mine, her huge melons dangling in my face as I licked the nipples, again tasting pussy that didn’t quite taste like Lana. She rode me for about ten minutes, eventually shaking the bed enough that Bart rolled over and pulled a pillow over his head. I came, the third time that night, and she squeezed my cock tight with her vaginal muscles, then rolled off of me and reached down into the goo, smearing it on her huge tits and squeezing her thick pencil-stub nipples. I did the only logical thing, and licked the mixture of who knew how many peoples’ goo off her chubby tits. It sure was good to have friends who took care of your needs after a frustrating date.

* * *


The next morning we played around a little, but it was actually nice to just kind of sit back and watch Bart plow into Lana, jiggling her big round tits and her broad white tummy and those thunderous thick thighs, while I stroked myself unselfconsciously. After Bart came Lana considerately leaned over and sucked me, which lasted about ten seconds before her power-vacuum tongue had me squirting into her mouth. She lifted her head off of my cock, trailing a length of sticky goo as Bart grabbed her face and French kissed her, her mouth still full of my unswallowed spunk.

This got me thinking, and a few minutes later as Lana fixed breakfast, a robe over her shoulders but exposing a foot-wide swath of cleavage, belly and bush, I asked Bart the question that was on my mind. “So, like, being in the Army, but, you know, liking to sleep with guys as well as girls,” I started, “don’t you worry about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and all that kind of stuff? I mean, if they found out?”

Bart and Lana exchanged a look and smiled. “We’re going to have to invite you to one of our platoon’s parties,” Lana said.

* * *

I had my next date with Cindy that Wednesday– okay, Wednesday’s a funny night to go on a date, but that’s how our work schedules went. After a movie we walked along the riverfront, and then sat down in a secluded area. I took at least a little hope from the fact that she was willing to go to such an obvious makeout spot.

We talked a bit, and then I leaned over and kissed her, and she let my tongue roam around a little in her mouth but I didn’t push it too far. My hand went to her hip, and she put hers on mine, and at least once or twice she must have felt my boner brushing her. I tried to cup her tit with my hand but she pushed it away. Now it was time for me to push back a little.

“Cindy, I want you to be my girlfriend,” I said.

“I am your girlfriend,” she said, a little whimperingly.

“No, Cindy, I mean a real girlfriend,” I said. “I don’t mean we have to do everything right away, but you push me away from anything more than a kiss–“

“Don’t you like to kiss?”

“Sure, but that’s not all,” I said. “It’s just hard to really be boyfriend and girlfriend when you don’t trust me enough to let me go any further than that. When you shut me out completely.”

She looked at me, sort of hurt, and then, like it was the greatest sacrifice ever made by womankind, she unbuttoned her top button and took my hand and set it on her chest, over one breast. I felt the soft spongy rise of her petite breast, and stroked it gently as I kissed her some more. Slowly I worked my way down until I felt the bumps of her aureole (not that I even knew the word for it then), but my pinky had just brushed her nipple when she arched stiff and pulled away from me.


“I–I just can’t do the things you want to do,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I said, moving closer to her and putting my arms around her, chastely. “They’re what every man and woman do.” Or man and woman and another man, or…

“I–I just can’t, Rick. I’m not ready.”

“Cindy, honey,” I said, all sweet and gentle now, “if something bad happened to you before with some creep, it’s not going to be like that with me. It can be so nice and make you so happy–“

She looked at me, startled. “You’ve done it?”

What, did I have male virgin tattooed on my forehead? “Yes, I’ve done it.”

“Were you in love?”

“No, I wasn’t in love,” I said. “I didn’t feel like I feel for you.”

“So how did you do it, then?”

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