When Chivalry Pays

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BEST (Bombay Electric Supply it was like her beauty had already possessed my senses. I did not let go off the bag and told her that I would consider it a pleasure to help her. She helplessly looked at me and then said, “Fine, I would not mind you may carrying it for me, but I have some more shopping to be done from here itself and I would be wasting your time.”

“Well Madame, I am at your service as long as you desire,” I joked.

She laughed at this and said, “fine then, follow me.”

We went to a nearby grocery shop and she gave a prewritten list to the shopkeeper and told him that he could deliver the goods by afternoon. However before leaving the shop, she picked up a packet of those ‘two minute noodles’ and a pack of sliced bread, which she put in her bag.

It was another five minutes walk and we talked about the economy and the rising prices of commodities. We reached a building and she halted there as a security guy came running to the gate, and she handed over both the bags to him. It was now time for me to take the leave, but she turned towards me smiling and said, “You are not going just like that, you are coming up home,” she commanded.

“No I better leave, I would be getting late for work,” said I.

“No you are not getting late now, please come along have a tea or coffee, or would it be cold drink?” she inquired.

“No, please Madame, no formalities please.”

“There is no question of formalities, its just so rare to find somebody who would help you on the way. You also seem to be an interesting person to know, I would not mind an interesting and helping friend at close proximity.”

“Oh its just that…” I began.

“If you believe in being a friend with me, then don’t say no. Come along, friend, I haven’t even asked your name yet.”

I was taken aback by this sudden frankness, however as we walked up the first flight to her flat, followed on the heels by the security man with the two bags, I introduced myself. Once inside the flat, we were alone. She went to the kitchen and came out with a bottle of beer and a mug and asked me what I would like to have as she poured herself a beer.

“Sorry, I did not even ask you, I was feeling very thirsty, you see,” she reasoned. “What would you have, tea, coffee, cold drinks or would it be something else,” and she walked up to cupboard and opened it to reveal a bar.

The bar had a very erotic touch to it, the very background had an erotic painting of a nude. Most of the bottles were shaped in the form of female body and body parts. Bar accessories like the bottle opener, cork screw, stirrer, glasses etc belonged to a set which had the handles made of wood with carvings depicting erotic positions of sex. I suddenly started feeling nervous about the whole Büyükesat Escort setup. Before I could ask her, she had poured another beer in one of the mugs from the set and handed it to me, “It is very hot today, its better if you too have beer.”

I took the mug from her hand and nervously sipped the drink as I sat on the edge of the sofa wanting the whole thing to come to an end. She came by my side and carelessly sat next to me on the sofa, her sari pallu slowly slipping of her form to reveal her fitting blouse. She moved her hands on my thighs as she rested her head on my shoulders seducing me, challenging me to make the move. My nervousness left through the back door as my cock within my trousers started to stir.

“I want to thank you for your help,” she said, “tell me what should I do?” she asked me shamelessly moving her palm towards my member. “Do you want a ‘Frenchie’?” she asked me like a slut would ask her customer.

I pushed her and got up to leave, but she caught hold of my hand and with tears in her eyes begged me to stay. I sensed something amiss here and took back the place on the sofa as she leaned across me and started to kiss me all over my face. Then she told me about her husband who was a good for nothing and that she had to leave him. She was now staying as a mistress of a rich man who had bought this flat for her, besides her duty to satisfy his sexual needs she also had to entertain some of his friends from time to time.

She then told me that she liked me for that little care and concern I had shown her and hence she wanted to make love to me. She started to kiss me all over my face once again, this time they were wet and slurpy, arousing me. She touched the bulge in my trousers and smiled at me. “You want me to give you a blow job?” she asked.

“No,” I told her, “If you would allow me I would like to entertain you your way, I am even younger in age than you I presume.” I told her.

“Then let’s go to the bedroom,” she suggested.

The flat had two bedrooms; she guided me to the one that was meant for pleasure. This bedroom was but eroticism at its height, the walls of the bedroom had carvings of Khajuraho temple lit with care to give a warm erotic effect. The ceiling had a mirror placed right above the bed for obvious reasons while the bed itself was a waterbed, having its own lovely movements.

Once in the bedroom she embraced me and her hands started to work on my buttons and within minutes she had my shirt off my back. I now took the lead and started to undo her sari and like new bride she shied away. She then turned her back to me and swirled her lovely mane to her front exposing to me the catch that held her blouse in place.

“Please Beşevler Escort undo it,” she suggested me to undo the clips on her blouse, then came down her petticoat. Within minutes I had her panties and bra off too and she stood before me naked.

I now realized that she had one of the most lovely breasts I had ever seen, firm, upright and at the same time handful, her nipples were dark pink and very taut. I swallowed hard as I took in the curves of her body. A mat of curly pubes covered her pussy. I guided her to the bed and French kissed her. She put my hand on her pussy, rubbing my fingers in her pubes. I moved my mouth down to her tits and started sucking on her nipples, which were now puffed out and hard as pebbles. She started moaning and put her hand to work on my underwear, pulling them down to get to my member.

She lied down on the bed pulling me along, and the she pushed my head down, between her legs, towards her pussy. I acted on her wish and put my mouth to her hairy pussy, with my fingers I parted her pussy lips and licked her cunt with the flat part of my tongue. I gave her long licks that teased her clit till finally I paid all my attention to her clit, licking and sucking on it; this was I paid my respect to this lovely lady by licking and sucking her and within minutes she came moaning and groaning leaking her juices over my face.

She the pushed me back, pulled away my underwear and sat on me saying, her wet pussy rubbing her juices on my pelvis. “That was wonderful. I never enjoyed like a woman before, I was always a whore, and you have made me a woman again. Now it’s your turn for pleasure so enjoy yourself.”

She then lifted her ass up and straddled my hips. I felt her hand wrap around my cock as she lovingly guided it to the mouth of her love tunnel. I soon felt myself sliding into her cunt. She was moaned as she entered my cock inside her cunt and pushed herself hard on me.

When my cock had completely disappeared inside her cunt, she heaved and sighed, “God, you feel good and wonderful.” She then started up and down motion over my shaft, leaning over me so that I could suck and chew on her big pink nipples. We were lost in an unknown world for the next few minutes as she labored over me, giving herself and me unlimited pleasure. But like every good thing that comes to an end she climaxed over me and I too climaxed a few strokes later. We were both drained of our energy in the search of that sexual bliss, and lost this world too for some time as we both fell to sleep in each other’s arms.

When I got up, she was dressed in a sheer robe sipping beer sitting next to me, she handed me the beer and slid down over my body and took my cock in the warm confines Cebeci Escort of her oral cavity. After giving me a tongue bath and having me hard again, lifted her robe all the way to her waist exposing her legs all the way to her pussy and she mounted me as before, guided my cock with her fingers to her cunt and took the complete length of my cock in her body for the second time. Sipping from the glass of beer and talking sweet nothings, her body moved in a slow motion over the waterbed pleasuring both of us. This time it went on and on till we both came together humping and pumping our left over energy. It was an experience of a lifetime for me.

Since I was already too late for office now, I called from her place to inform them that I was taking an off. No sooner had I done this, she was lightened up; she showed her happiness by hugging me as tears rolled down her lovely cheek.

“I’ll make some lunch for you,” she told me as she rushed to the kitchen. Within minutes she was back with another beer for me as I sat on that bed. She put on the TV and put a video, an x rated movie as she giggled and rushed back to the kitchen. She kept dropping in-between to chat and watch the movie while the lunch got cooked.

After lunch, she went on her knees right at the dinning table and took me in her mouth. She started by licking the full length of my hard cock bringing me a renewed excitement and when I thought that it was time I fucked her, she took my hard cock in her mouth all the way to her throat and started to bob her head up and down, sucking me on the outward till I came inside her lovely mouth. She swallowed my cum, ever little bit of it and then satisfied she got up and swirled my hair in joy.

“That was the tastiest, healthiest, wholesome and most satisfying desert I have had ever to this date,” she laughed.

We went back to the bedroom, relax for a while on that bed, had another bout of fuck till it was evening. She then suggested that I leave, leave before the nightfall when her master and his clients would start to come. But as I was about to leave she gave me a gold chain with a pendent inscribed with a name Anamika. I had not even asked her name till that moment and now I knew her name.

That day I had learnt a lot of new things about sex, life, relationship, and friendship. I do have a girlfriend who I regularly date and even have sex with, but my relationship with Anamika is neither affected nor does it affect my other relationship. Anamika and I have often met after that day but always as good friends. We also do make love on some occasions but it is when she needs it. Sometimes though she also respects my needs and satisfies my passions and desires, sometimes she even fulfils my wildest fantasies, which nobody else can do, and I give her all the love that I can give her. After all my Anamika, is a whore to the world who uses her as one, but she is also a person, a lover who also needs true, unconditional love.

For me chivalry paid up, and I would forever be thankful to BEST for getting me a friend, a teacher, a lover and of course a whore all rolled in one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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