Who Needs Willpower Ch. 07

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Amanda beamed as Fiona twisted her fingers to lock the cage in place. She pulled the key out, holding it close to her chest as she eyed it, biting her lip between her grinning teeth.

“Okay okay okay, one final note to touch on.” Amanda shook her head as she spoke, trying to focus herself. “If we are ever playing, and you don’t like whatever we are doing, you can say ‘red,’ and we’ll stop immediately. But we’ll also be done for the day, so don’t use it just to try and get what you want. This is your safeword, okay?”

“Okay.” Fiona smiled a little. It gave her butterflies, knowing Amanda was looking out for her right from the start.

“What is your safeword?”


“Good. Secondly, if you ever change your mind about me holding your keys, you can tell me and I’ll give them back. But this also isn’t a get out of jail free card when you’re feeling a little extra horny. When I’m holding them, I decide when you get unlocked. Period. But if you decide you actually don’t like this lifestyle, it’s not a prison. I won’t force it on you.” Amanda’s serious nature gave way slightly. “But I mean, if you wanna beg and plead your case to get unlocked, I’m never against that. I’m a human being, maybe you’ll get through to me. But just know that being controlled is your choice.”

“Okay.” Fiona could feel her nerves and excitement growing. She fiddled with her hair, still wet from the shower. She eyed Amanda, who was still kneeling down in front of her, completely naked aside from the towel around her hair. She had gone back to studying the keys, shifting them in her hands as if deep in thought. She was about to reach down to touch her, when Amanda suddenly burst to her feet.

“Great! Sleep well then!” Amanda ran out of the bathroom, her tight chest and butt bouncing ever so slightly with every excited step. Fiona watched, stunned, as Amanda disappeared from the bathroom. The pitter patter of her footsteps quickly faded, before a loud bang echoed from her bedroom door. Fiona sat there frozen, slowly trying to process what had happened. What was the rush? She figured they’d at least cuddle for a little? But really, she was hoping they’d go for another round. Fiona wandered slowly to her room. Not bothering to get dressed, she slipped under her covers and closed her eyes.

Fiona struggled to sleep that night. A part of it was the aching desire between her legs, but most of it was her thoughts. Did she do something wrong? Why did Amanda hurry off like that? Did she misconstrue Amanda’s excitement? She figured Amanda would be quite hands on after the day she just experienced. But maybe Amanda cared more about her being locked and denied than actually playing often. Fiona shifted in her bed. She wasn’t sure she could handle staying locked without the added attention. She tried to push her thoughts out of her head. Perhaps she’d awake to Amanda’s renewed enthusiasm. It didn’t do any good to worry about it now.

She woke up extra early. She was excited to see Amanda, and she wanted to have time to dress up for her. She dressed in a short black skirt with a frilly, vibrant pink top. She picked out a matching pink hard headband. She brushed her hair, aligning the strands to create a lustrous sheen, before sliding the headband in place. She shuffled through her drawers, pulling out a rose hair clip from a line of different designs and colors. She clipped it to her headband, before checking herself out in the mirror. She partially spun back and forth checking to make sure her hair was smooth and free of any hidden snarls. She watched her skirt twirl as she spun, happy with the outfit she’d picked.

Unlike her previous experience, Fiona was pretty sure that she would be spending the day locked, including swim practice. But she had ample time to prepare. She decided she’d go without panties anyways. She caught herself hoping Amanda would notice. Maybe she’d play with her under the desk or something? She shook her head, snapping the train of thought. She packed her swimsuit, along with a strip of cloth. She figured she could place the cloth over her cage while she swam, obscuring the details of the cage from prying eyes. She tossed them into her backpack and left her room.

Amanda was in the kitchen, munching a muffin as she looked down at her phone. She looked up as she heard Fiona exiting her room. She wore her usual black jacket, rolled up to her elbows. She wore jean short shorts with ankle socks, showing off almost all her legs.

“Ooooh, very cute,” Amanda smiled, before taking another bite of her muffin. She reached over and grabbed another off the counter, tossing it to Fiona, “Catch, you can eat as we walk.” Fiona panicked slightly at the unexpected test of dexterity, but she caught it without too much fumbling.

“Thank you,” Fiona brushed her hair behind her ear, blushing slightly. She grinned, happy she had taken the time for her outfit. They walked together to class, enjoying their breakfast as they did.

The rest of the day went acıbadem escort very differently from Fiona’s expectations. They maneuvered from class to class, but Amanda seemed too preoccupied to pay Fiona any mind. She was constantly on her phone, ignoring the outside world almost completely. Fiona would talk to her sporadically, and Amanda would always respond cheerfully. But quickly after, she would return to her phone. Fiona felt low, like she wasn’t enticing enough to hold Amanda’s attention. She decided to focus on the classes, taking copious notes in an attempt to occupy her mind.

Swim practice was a little easier than her previous attempt. She was still incredibly nervous changing and showering, feeling the familiar wave of arousal and embarrassment. But the cloth helped hide her cage as she swam, and her love of water was a needed escape from her corrosive thoughts.

They walked home and began making dinner together. Fiona kept herself preoccupied with her tasks. Washing rice, chopping vegetables for Amanda to sauté. They worked together fluidly, but mostly in silence. Amanda seemed determined, hurrying through the kitchen as she rushed to complete the meal. Why is she so frantic, does she not wanna spend time with me? I wanna spend time with her… Finally, Fiona’s confusion bubbled over. She pushed the last of the vegetables over to Amanda, washed the knife, and then turned to face her.

“Hey… Um, what’s up with you–“

Bzzzt! The buzzer from the front desk startled Fiona Hello? You got a package down here, fairly big, You need someone to bring it up for you?

“Fiiiinally!” Amanda groaned with excitement, she hurried over to the door and pressed the button on the intercom, allowing her to respond. “No it’s fine I got it! I’ll be right down!” Amanda threw the door open and rushed into the hallway. Fiona stood in the kitchen, watching her disappear through the closing door.

A couple minutes passed alone in the apartment. Fiona paced around, a little peeved she had built up the courage to say something only to be interrupted. Fiona heard the front door open, and she hurried down the hallway to see Amanda leaned over, sliding a large box through the doorway.

“Y’know, when they said they could have someone bring it up,” Amanda said between labored breaths, “I probably should have taken them up on that.” She finally cleared the swing of the door, allowing it to close as she stretched her back.

“What’d you order?” Fiona questioned. The weight and size of the package piqued her curiosity.

“Oh loads of stuff, but you’ll see.” Amanda smiled at her, the mood of her gaze provoked a noticeable reaction in Fiona’s cage. Amanda looked down at the box, her hands proudly planted on her hips after her physical feat. “I ordered this stuff last night. I paid out the butt for same day shipping, and it gets here at dinner?” Amanda began shuffling with the box, peeling its tape off as she talked. “I mean they got my order at like, 3am. You think they could have gotten it to me by noon.”

Fiona was about to comment on the ludicrousy of that expectation, but she decided to just let it be. Her curiosity was ever growing as Amanda continued to disassemble the box.

“What do you mean by, ‘I’ll see’? Did you order more furniture or something?” Fiona questioned, her disapproving tone leaking into her words.

“Hey, you love that cat themed night stand. I’ve seen you taking pictures of Momo on it. Don’t act like you haven’t.” Fiona rolled her eyes, laughing a little.

“Maybe the first one! We didn’t need another!”

“They match so well!” Amanda shouted with conviction, preparing herself to die on that hill, before taking a step back. “Okay okay, that’s besides the point. No, it’s not furniture. I did a bunch of research last night, and this is the fruit of my labor. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day today, I couldn’t even count how many times I checked the tracking status.”

“Was that why you were all distant today?” Amanda’s stopped unpacking and stood up, facing Fiona with a hint of visible confusion.

“Distant? What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, you just seemed like you were trying to stay away from me or something. With how enthusiastic you were last night, I’d figured you’d be a little more… I don’t know, handsy?” Amanda’s jaw dropped.

“You wanted me to be handsy? In class!?” Amanda laughed a little as she walked over to Fiona, grabbing her by the hands. “Oh sweetie, I would love to be handsy with you! You’re so studious though! I figured there was no way Ms. Goodie-two-shoes would want me pestering her in class. It was all I could do to leave you alone, I must have spent an hour just staring at the tracking number trying to distract myself! The last thing I wanna do is annoy you into wanting your keys back.”

“But what about last night? You rushed off right after locking me up. I thought, y’know, that maybe we’d do… some more stuff or something. Locking akbatı escort up made me horny, I figured you’d wanna at least get off again. But you seemed eager to get out of there.” Amanda pressed her forehead against Fiona’s chest, giggling a little.

“I definitely misjudged how horny you are!” Amanda lifted her head back up, still laughing as she spoke. Fiona immediately felt her face flush. That was not the response she was expecting. “I had just teased you and locked you back up. The first time you’ve relocked without cumming, I might add. I didn’t wanna push you too far right at the start! So I rushed off to preoccupy myself with shopping, afraid I’d break down and use you again if I hung out. But damn! Wanting to be used back to back? Hoping that I tease you in class? I’ve clearly underestimated how much I’m gonna love these keys.” Fiona opened her mouth to respond, but her brain failed to form any cohesive responses, leaving her miming nonsense in silence.

“But I’m sorry I made you feel ignored,” Amanda pushed up on her toes to kiss Fiona’s cheek, still noticeably hot. “You’re a shy girl, which makes it kinda hard to read your emotions. So. New rule! If you are feeling neglected, or lonely or whatever. Just tell me!”

“I was gonna tell you! But then your mystery box interrupted me!” Fiona blurted out, eager to defend herself. Amanda scrunched her eyes in thought, before her face lit up.

“Ohh! I do remember you starting to ask something! Better late than never, sorry I was so distracted.” Amanda leaned in closer to Fiona’s ear, lowering her voice to a seductive whisper. “In that case, good girl.”

Fiona felt her knees instantly weaken, shifting from the onset of nerves, but also unbridled joy from her praise.

“That deserves a reward. Do you wanna know what’s in the box? I ordered everything just for you.” Amanda’s suggestive tone made Fiona increasingly aware of her cage’s presence. She nodded her head, eying the box down.

“Well too bad!” Amanda snapped from her persona, cheerfully heading towards the kitchen. “We gotta eat before dinner gets too cold. Fiona’s shoulders dropped in annoyance, following Amanda to the kitchen. Amanda left the box half opened in the middle of the floor as they ate. Amanda prodded Fiona with topics, constantly nudging her attention back to innocent conversation, but Fiona’s eyes always wandered back to the box. Each time bringing a mischievous grin to Amanda’s face.

They finished up dinner and washed their dishes. Amanda stretched, exhaling a satisfied breath.

“Not too shabby if I do say so myself. The veggies were sautéed to–” Amanda kissed her fingers, “perfection.” She nudged Fiona jokingly, trying to see if she caught her self-compliment, before walking into the living room and flopping onto the couch. “So what now, Game of Thrones?” She looked back to see Fiona standing by the box looking down at it, before looking up at Amanda with puppy eyes. Amanda burst into laughter.

“Yeah I figured. Alright, help me get it into my room.” Fiona lit up, grabbing a side and sliding it across the wood floor. With two people, the box moved much easier. Fiona looked around Amanda’s room.

She had seen it in passing or when poking her head in to gain Amanda’s attention, but this was the first time she had ever spent extended time inside. The room matched Amanda’s style perfectly. The room had dark gray wallpaper. There were scattered images across her walls painted like street art, with pops of purple and pink to accent the dark interior. Her bed was a metal bunk bed with the bottom section removed. It always amused Fiona that she kept her bed elevated. With how short she was, maybe she did it as an act of defiance, sleeping above anyone else. She had a keyboard pressed against the wall beneath her bed, but otherwise the space was relatively wasted. The rest of her room was set up similar to Fiona’s, but with less order. It wasn’t messy, but it was clear much less effort was put in to keep everything in its place.

“Alrighty. Strip.” Fiona was startled from her observation, turning around to face Amanda with surprise. Amanda didn’t respond. She just stood there with her hand on her hip, nodding her head expectedly. Fiona felt her throat tighten, before she began to slowly remove her clothes. Even knowing Amanda was fully aware of what she looked like naked, she still felt incredibly self conscious. She finally finished, standing without a stitch while Amanda remained fully clothed.

“Good girl.” Amanda walked past Fiona, grabbing her hand as she did, pulling her over towards the bunk bed. The bed frame started at about Fiona’s eyeline. Metal bars rose up another two feet, acting as a pen for the mattress and safety rails to keep its occupant from rolling off in their sleep. Amanda could walk under the bed without bending at all, reinforcing her size to Fiona once again. She positioned Fiona alongside the bed, before flipping her around to rest the back of aksaray escort her head against the frame.

“Ready to see the first gift from the mystery box? Stay.” Amanda held her hands up like she was talking to a pet, before rushing over to the box. She tore open the box and began rustling through it. Fiona tried to peek inside, but her distance combined with the flaps of cardboard obscured her view. Amanda’s smile grew as she found what she was looking for. Metallic clinks radiated from the box before she pulled out two pairs of black handcuffs, along with two padded leather sleeves. She stood up, waving them by her face excitedly. “Hands up, Fi!”

Fiona looked back at the frame of the bed. Its height forced her to raise her arms above her head, and vertical support bars stretched the length of the bed, allowing Amanda to easily customize the distance her arms would be held apart. Amanda worked the leather sleeves over one end of both the handcuffs, surrounding their rigid metal in cushioning. Fiona slowly raised her hands as Amanda approached. She wasted no time, grabbing Fiona’s wrists and clasping the cuffs around them. With every click as the handcuffs tightened, Fiona could feel her arousal growing. Amanda opted to lock her hands just above her shoulders, allowing her to rest her arms comfortably against the metal. Amanda took a step back, fist against her mouth as she studied her work.

“Try to get out.” Fiona obeyed, pulling her hands against the cuffs in an attempt to slip free. The rigid skeleton of the cuff coupled with the leather padding squeezed tightly against the bulge of her hand, holding her in place. She was surprised at how much comfort the leather sleeves offered, allowing her to pull with all her strength without much pain at all. The crisp sound of metal on metal filled the room. The cuffs slid against the metal guard rail, only able to move a few inches before running into the support bars on either side. Amanda’s smile grew as Fiona squirmed, unable to free herself. “Perfect! Now we can see what else we have!” Amanda skipped over to the box, shifting through it once more.

“Let’s start with this.” Amanda pulled out a black dildo, although something about it looked slightly off. It had no balls, similar to a silo. It also had a small bump on one side, almost like a rising sun over the horizon. “I’m excited to try this one, it’s supposedly top of the line!” With her other hand, she pulled out her phone.

“It’s pretty fancy! It’s a bluetooth device that can link to an app on my phone. We’re living in the future!” She joked, walking towards Fiona. She clicked her screen, and the dildo immediately came to life. The bump began slightly shifting up and down, moving beneath the surface of the dildo. The rest of the dildo wobbled back and forth, and the entire thing vibrated in her hand. Fiona’s eyes almost had a hard time tracking the sporadic and diverse shifts in movement. Fiona could feel herself starting to drip. The only toy she owned was her simple dildo. This thing was on a whole nother level.

“Oh wow, yeah this thing really moves!” Amanda laughed. “Apparently it feels like multiple forms of stimulation at once. Fingering the g-spot, getting pounded, using a vibrator. All that good stuff. We’ll see though.” Amanda shut it off and shifted it into her other hand, holding it alongside her phone. “I bought some lube too, but I get the feeling we won’t be needing it.” Amanda reached down between Fiona’s legs, sliding her fingers softly up her inner thigh, before slipping inside her. She was right. Fiona was already completely slick.

Fiona exhaled in pleasure as she felt Amanda slip her finger inside. Her hands tightened as she instinctively reached for her cage, being reminded of her binds by the firm resistance and metallic ring throughout the room. The sounds of struggle seemed to invigorate Amanda, grinning wide as she accelerated. Fiona felt herself already pressing against the edge, feeling the familiar dam fill as her body prevented her from tipping over. She moaned, bucking into Amanda’s hand, trying to grind her cage against her forearm.

“Looks like you’re warmed up enough,” Amanda pulled her hand away, generating a frustrated groan from Fiona as she pushed her hips out to follow, trying to keep Amanda’s hand where it was. Amanda smiled as she watched Fiona’s searching hips, raising her eyebrows in surprise

“God, already desperate just from that? This might be a tough night for you.” Amanda giggled. She positioned the dildo just below Fiona’s entrance. She smiled, before pressing into Fiona’s lips, kissing her deeply as she slowly pushed the dildo inside. It slid in with ease, causing Fiona to moan against Amanda’s lips. Amanda pushed the dildo completely inside, pressing the palm of her hand against Fiona to hold it in place. She pulled away before placing a finger against Fiona’s lips, as if to shush her.

“Hold it in place, I need to get something else.” She whispered, before turning away and hurrying back to the box. Fiona squeezed against the dildo, trying to hold it inside, She could feel the nub on its side pressing firmly into her g-spot. Fiona gasped as she felt the dildo pulse to life. She nearly let it slip out of her from surprise, but she continued to squeeze firmly.

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