Wife Goes Too Far

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Story edited by SylviDoll, many thanks!!


Last year, I went to Orlando for a business convention. The tech company I work for has a great deal of buying power. Suppliers come from all over the globe to present their company’s products.

I’m 38 and constantly in the gym. I have a taste for the finer things and like to dress well.

It was about halfway through the week-long conference and I was getting bored. I had attended this conference a number of times and it gets old after a while. My colleagues and I had dinner and a meet-and-greet in the swanky hotel the conference was held in. Given the reputation of the place, I decided to dress up nice: Italian suit, silk tie, and a blue dress shirt.

I headed down to the event and started mingling. Two women and a gentleman approached me. The two women introduced themselves. They said their names were Lisa and Beth. Beth was there on business for her company. Lisa was a friend of hers there for a free vacation.

Beth walked up and said, “I’m Beth, it’s very nice to meet you. And this is my friend Lisa and my husband Mark.”

The three of them were dressed nice. All three are in their mid to late 30’s. All very attractive.

“What brings you here?” Beth asked.

“I’m a buyer for one of the largest retailers.” I replied.

Beth’s eyes lit up. From that point forward, Beth was very talkative. She was trying to impress me anyway that she could. Her friend and husband picked up on it and tried to help out. They sensed it must be an important contact for Beth.

We got a few drinks and everyone loosened up a little. Beth finally got to the point and pitched her company’s product. She did a good job selling it. She is an excellent salesperson. The three of them were excited and everyone felt the electricity in the air.

I listened politely to Beth’s sales pitch but I was getting tired.

“I’m calling it a night. It’s been a long day and I need to go relax,” I said, stifling a yawn.

Lisa sensed the nervousness as I started to exit the conversation. Beth asked if we could speak again tomorrow. I gave her a non-committal answer. Lisa picked up on my nonchalance and got more active in the conversation. Lisa began asking more personal questions to try to keep my interest. I felt her hand grab mine. Mark, the husband, didn’t seem as interested. I noticed him looking around the room. I think Lisa’s flirting made him uncomfortable. I think he was worried Beth might also join in. The flirting did make me pause from leaving, but I still wanted to go.

At that point I told them I was tired. I told them I had been standing on my feet all day.

I said, “I have enjoyed meeting you but I’m heading out.” Beth immediately asked if we could find a table and sit down. “I’m not so sure, I mean sitting down would be better, but I really need to go,” I replied.

Beth and Mark left to go look for and open table. I stood next to Lisa.

I then turned to her and said, “It was nice to meet you. Have your friend give me a call in the next few days.” I saw the desperation in Lisa’s eyes.

“Please stay a little longer,” Lisa said.

I paused for a moment and then said, “I’m heading down to the hot tub. If you want to keep on talking, you and your friends are more than welcome to come join me.”

“I think we will do just that,” said Lisa.

I left and went right to the hot tub outside. It was empty. I took off my suit and got in with only my boxer briefs on. I relaxed for a moment. Then I heard the click click click of some high heels walking on the pavement. I look up and it’s Lisa, Beth, and Mark.

“Looks relaxing” said Beth. They came with a bottle of wine and glasses. I smiled at them.

“I just needed to relax,” I said.

It took them a moment to notice I wasn’t wearing a swimsuit but my boxer briefs. I noticed both Beth and Lisa taking hard looks.

“I didn’t feel like going up to change so I improvised and I’m making my boxer briefs work. Why don’t you hop in? The water feels great” I said smiling at Beth.

All three of them were quick to decline. Beth had an awkward look on her face as she looked at Mark while telling me she just can’t get it.

“I think we will pass. The water looks inviting but we didn’t bring our swimsuits,” Beth said. Mark was giving her a stern look.

“Go up and change into them,” I said.

“I would but we are staying at a different hotel,” Beth said.

I just leaned my head back to relax. I heard them talking but couldn’t hear them that well. I really could hear them Demetevler Escort but played it up as though I couldn’t. I kept asked them what they said that I couldn’t hear them over the jets of the hot tub.

Beth was still talking to me about her product. She was still trying to close a deal. I admired her persistence. I motioned with my hand to my ear for her to come closer, that I couldn’t hear her. She walked closer, right up to the edge of the hot tub. She kneeled down. She was wearing a little black dress. It was about mid-thigh. She had on black 6 inch heels and black thigh highs. When she knelt by the hot tub, her dress rode up just enough for me to see. I turned around to face her. In doing so, my face was then 3 inches from her knee. We were both very close. As I looked at her, I noticed her inner thigh as her thigh high top was exposed. She noticed me looking as well. She did not adjust though. She stayed in that position and smiled.

We talked for a few moments. I touched her ankle.

“This would be so much easier if you just jumped in with me,” I said.

I could see her mind working. She looked up at her friend Lisa and her husband Mark. I knew I had her in a hard position, but the way I looked at it, I didn’t really care. Either she was going to hop in the hot tub or she was not. I knew that if I were going to have any fun with this situation I had to not care or get emotional about her choice. I kept thinking to myself, I’ll just keep pushing this as far as it will go and have fun with it. I had no expectations.

“Ok, I’ll get in. Give me just one minute,” said Beth.

Beth walked over to Lisa and Mark. I saw her look at Mark and tell him she was thinking about jumping in. Mark immediately looked upset. He started telling her she wasn’t going to get in the hot tub and it was time for them to leave. Beth and Mark argued for a minute or two, Beth telling him it was important for her job. Lisa mainly just stood by them listening. Mark started walking away, very upset, Beth followed him. The walked to the far edge of the pool area.

Lisa looked at me unsure what to do. I yelled out to Lisa “come on in, the water feels great.”

She gave me a coquettish smile. She looked back and forth between Beth and Mark and me. She could tell I was ok with them leaving. Lisa walked over to a table a few feet away, put down her glass of wine and yelled out to Beth and Mark that she was getting in the hot tub.

Lisa was attractive. She was about 5’7 and on the thin side. She had long blonde hair. She was also wearing a wedding ring. She had on a little black dress similar to Beth’s, except Lisa’s was more flowing. Beth’s was tighter. Both were about mid-thigh. Lisa had on 6-inch heels as well.

Lisa looked at me and asked, “Are you ready to have fun?”

I nodded and smiled. She took off her heels and then started working her way out of her dress. Unlike Beth, who was wearing thigh highs, she had bare legs. After she took her dress off she was standing there in her bra and panties. Her bra and panties matched. They were both a light pink. Her panties wear like boy shorts. They looked good on her. They actually could have passed for a swimsuit.

Lisa walked over and stepped down into the hot tub.

She looked at me.

“Are you having fun with all the trouble You are causing?”

I smiled.

“Are you married?”

“Yes, I am” Lisa said.

“Where is your husband?” I asked.

“He couldn’t make the trip with his work” She told me.

Jokingly I asked, “Are you going to tell him about the hot tub? Or getting into a hot tub in just a bra and panties with a stranger?”

She confidently said, “I will tell him i went to the hot tub but Maybe leave out the part about undressing at the pool and going in my bra and panties.”

“Will you tell him about going in topless?” I said with a large smile.

“I’m not going topless,” she said.

“You’re not” I replied.

I had her speechless at this point.

“Mark knows my husband,” Lisa said.

“Do you think he will say anything?” I asked.

She thought for a moment.

“I’m not sure, they don’t know each other that well,” she said.

Beth began to walk toward us. She left Mark sitting at a table across the pool area where they had been talking. Beth had that look of determination. Mark looked away off in the other direction. Mark was an attractive guy, but he was also thin, not anywhere as muscular or fit as I am. Beth walked up and looked at Lisa and let out Otele Gelen Escort a big exhale. “Alright, I’m getting in” Beth said.

“Is Mark ok with it?” Lisa asked.

“He is, but I don’t care. I’m ready to have some fun. I’m tired of him always being so uptight,” Beth replied.

She downed her glass of wine and walked to the table were Lisa put her clothes and picked up her glass of wine. She downed that one too. Lisa laughed and yelled a little encouragement to her. She turned and walked back to the hot tub. “Lisa, would you unzip my dress?” She asked.

“Ummmm, it’s cold to get out” Lisa smiled and replied.

“I got it” I said as I jumped out of the hot tub.

I got out and Beth turned her back to me. She moved her long brown hair away from the zipper. I reached up and grabbed the zipper with my fingers. It was tight. It didn’t want to unzip. I then grabbed her shoulder with my other hand and held the dress. It started unzipping. I got part of the way down her back and noticed I wasn’t seeing the back of a bra. I got all the way to her lower back. She was not wearing a bra. I would say she was a c cup.

She held her dress in place and looked back. I saw her take another deep breath then start to let it fall a little. I then noticed a tiny little g string. Beth’s eyes were glued on Mark, but he was looking away. Her dress fell to the ground. She was standing there in black 6 inch heels, black thigh highs, and a tiny black g string. She walked to the table, folded her dress and placed it on the table. She then took off her heels and thigh highs, placing them both neatly on the table. She looked over at us, then looked at Mark and walked our way. She stopped at the edge of the hot tub, giving me a great view. The front of her g string was see thru. Lisa seemed more shocked than excited at this point. I don’t think she realized what Beth was wearing under her dress. Lisa also realized the fun and flirting just got a little more real.

Beth stepped into the hot tub and sat down next to me. I was between the two of them. The water covered Beth’s breasts. Beth then started small talk like everything was all normal. Lisa was still in shock. I too was a little surprised because I expected Lisa to be the wilder one of the two, especially with Beth’s husband being with her. The banter loosened things up.

“So Lisa, the two of us are topless, are you sure you don’t want to join?” I asked with a smile.

Lisa smiled back and said, “I think I’ll keep mine on.”

“Come on, have a little fun. You have a great body, and there’s nobody out here to see except us,” Beth said. “Everything is innocent, we are just flirting.”

“We are keeping it to innocent flirting?” Lisa asked with a smile.

“Of course,” Beth replied as she moved up in the water exposing her breasts for both of us to see.

Immediately I said, “Yep, innocent fun!”

Lisa gave me this “yeah right” look.

I then said, “Now, if I were to reach over and grab Beth’s thigh, then something like that would be a little more less than innocent.” While saying that I grabbed Beth’s thigh with my hand, doing exactly what I said would be less innocent. Lisa, smirking at us both, pointed out the fact that I just did grab her thigh.

I left my hand on Beth’s thigh. Her hand came down and grabbed the top of mine. It was like she was letting me know it was ok. We all looked up as Mark got up and started walking toward the hot tub. He stopped half way then yelled out to Lisa and Beth.

“It’s time to leave. The evening is over. Enough is enough,” Mark yelled.

He then sat down. Beth was upset with him.

She yelled back “I’m not ready yet. If you are ready, you can leave.”

My hand then moved a little up her thigh. Beth’s hand was still on my hand. Lisa moved to the other side of the hot tub and was talking to Mark about staying longer. My hand continued its path upward on Beth’s thigh. I stopped when it reached her panties. My fingers explored her g string for a moment. My finger finding the edge of the g string and pulled it up and to the side. Beth’s hand was still on top of mine letting me proceed as I wanted. I then felt her shaved pussy. My two fingers then slowly pushed inside her. Her hand then grabbing my wrist hard and I heard her whisper, “Oh my god.”

Beth then spread her legs a little more open, giving me a better angle to feel her. I was feeling inside her with my fingers, going in and out. Beth was into it. Eyes rolling back, waist moving into my hand, biting Balgat Escort her lips, and moaning.

I then heard a loud voice say, “It’s time to go.” Mark was looking right at us.

Lisa looked back to and she immediately knew what was going on. She saw Beth was too turned on to even reply. Beth let go of my wrist and grabbed my cock. She started rubbing me over my boxer briefs.

Lisa got out of the hot tub and quickly walked over to grab her stuff. She kept talking to Mark as she was getting out. In doing this, she was blocking the view of me fingering Beth. She walked over to Mark and the started talking. She was trying to calm him down. She somehow managed to turn him around so that she could see us, but Mark was facing away from us.

Beth put her hands in my boxer briefs, grabbing my cock. My fingers were deep in her shaved pussy. She then leaned over and straddled me and started kissing me. Beth started grinding on me in the hot tub.

Lisa was doing everything she could to keep Mark from looking back. I reached down and pulled my boxer briefs off. It didn’t take long for Beth to guide her pussy right up over my hard cock. She then lowered herself down on me. She was kissing me, my hands on her ass, my cock deep inside her. She was riding me and breathing heavier and heavier. She started to moan and get more vocal. She was about to cum. I felt her tensing up. I wanted a little more though.

I slowed her down and slid out from underneath her.

“What are you doing?” Beth asked.

“I’m about to cum,” I replied as I looked over at her husband.

She figured out what was going on in my mind with her husband right there.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “I don’t care, cum deep inside me!”

She started kissing me as she was asking for me to cum inside her. She got more aggressive and seemed to ignore that her husband was about 30 ft away. I looked and Lisa still had him occupied but Mark was trying to glance back over his shoulder.

I grabbed Beth and lead her to the edge of the hot tub. She was facing Lisa and Mark. I had her bent over the edge. I got behind her.

“This is how I want you,” I said.

I reached down and ripped off her g string. I then grabbed her waist and pushed my hard cock deep inside her. I had Beth facing her husband and I was pounding her bent over the side of the hot tub. Beth reached back and grabbed my ass pulling me into her. Her head went down as I felt her about to cum. I reached up with one of my hands and grabbed the back of her hair, pulled her back on me.

“Oh god…fuck me!” Yelled Beth.

With one hand on her hip and the other grabbing her hair I continued to fuck her hard. Lisa stopped talking and almost lost Mark’s attention as Beth started moaning.

“I’m about to cum. It feels so good.” Beth started yelling loud enough for the entire pool area to hear.

“Oh…cum in me. Cum in me!” she yelled.

Beth tensed up as I could feel her starting to cum. I grabbed her hair right at that moment and pulled her head back. Beth was facing Mark as she came. I started fucking her faster and harder as I finally came deep inside her. I then released her hair and we laid down on the side of the hot tub exhausted.

She got up and said “I’ll call you tomorrow to discuss business.”

She then got out of the hot tub. Mark and Lisa looked over. She was completely nude. Her g string floating in the hot tub, Beth still out of breathe. Mark was angry.

He immediately walked over to her and started asking “what happened here?”

“Nothing!” Beth told him.

“Why are you naked?” Mark angrily asked. “Why are your panties off?”

“Sorry! They just ripped on the pool step, that’s why I’m getting out.” Beth said angrily back.

Mark tried standing between Beth and me to block my view. Mark then walked over to grab a towel from the towel bin at the pool. Beth was radiant and confident after just being fucked. She grabbed her heels off the table and placed them on the ground. She bent at the waist making sure to show off her ass as she bent down.

Lisa started making comments about maybe she had too much to drink. Beth stepped into her heels. Mark, fuming walked a towel over to Beth. Beth teasingly dried off with the towel. Still wearing only heels she dried her breasts, then legs. As she bent over I could see my cum running down her leg. Mark was handing her clothes asking her to put them on. Beth finally put back on her dress. Not much more was said then they started to leave. They said a quick goodbye with a wave. I then stood up out of the hot tub, totally bare. Beth had a look that said she wanted to come back for more. Mark was angry and started asking Beth why I was nude. I watched them walk away from the pool area.

Two days later, I ended up doing the deal with Beth. I made sure that part of the deal way that she fly in every once and a while to have a meeting to catch up!

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