Wild Night Ch. 1

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That night began like any other Friday night: martinis at 6:00, dinner at 8:00, and a cocktail or two at the local tavern. Barb and I decided that evening we’d only have side orders. We both had a good buzz on and didn’t want to ruin it by overeating. By 9:00, Barb was feeling no pain. We settled in at a nearby tavern. The patrons looked to be about our ages, and the DJ was playing baby-boomer music we could appreciate. We watched as several couples danced and remarked how good looking some of them were. The more Barb had to drink, the more the conversation turned to how sexy some of the couples seemed.

She made comments like, “How can that good looking guy be dancing with that homely woman? Do you suppose they’re married?”

We joined the couples on the dance floor and danced a few songs. Barb was a little tipsy and bumped against one of the better looking men. She made her apologies, but the next song, she slipped and fell in front of him. He caught her on the way down and helped her up.

“Watch out for that treacherous dance floor, girl!” He said, bringing her to her feet.

She gave him one of those blushing smiles and said something about the dance floor. His partner, a stunning brunette, seemed unaffected and smiled at both of us.

The song ended and we went back to our table. The place had become quite crowded and someone had moved our drinks and Barb’s purse over to the bar. I was pissed and tried to get our table back. Barb had a more forgiving nature, so we retreated to the bar. There wasn’t any room there either. The man Barb had bumped into happened to be getting a drink, and we struck up a conversation.

“Man, this place is hoppin’ tonight!” He said with a smile.

I asked him a few questions about the place and he noticed we had lost our table. “Hey, why don’t you guys join us, we’ve got plenty of room,” he yelled over the music.

I looked at Barb, she nodded, and we followed him to their table. At the table were his dance partner and another couple. He made introductions, as we seated ourselves.

The inviting couple was Tom and Samantha. We guessed them to be in their 40’s. He was about 6 ft. tall, had a deep tan and a muscular build. Samantha “Sam” was also very tan with long, coal black hair. She was taller than Barb, by a few inches, and very slender. She wore a dark, backless, clinging spandex dress with a neckline that opened almost to her belly. You could see she worked out and had quite a figure -maybe 34B-24-35. The other couple was Scott and Angie, also in their 40’s. Angie was a bubbly, airhead blonde with big knockers. She was shorter, 5 ft. maybe, with a fuller figure, 40DD-26-37, I would guess. She wore a skimpy jean skirt and a very tight elastic tube top that barely covered her more than ample tits. Her husband, Scott was stockier than Tom or I, probably my height, 5’9″, but very broad shoulders. I think he was an ex-football player.

We found a lot in common with both couples. Almost at once, we hit it off. Everyone at the table had a pretty good alcohol buzz. The girls were giggling after every other comment that one of the guys would make. The three ladies made off to the powder room, and us guys made typical comments about sports and women.

“You’ve got quite a dance queen there, Donny!” Said Tom.

“Yeah, I think she’s feeling her oats tonight!” I added.

“She’s feelin’ more than oats, man!” Tom said, with a smirk.

I gave him a questioning look, and he told me about the dance floor. Apparently, when he was helping her up, she grabbed his package and whispered something naughty to him. I think I caught Tom off guard, when I reacted with a smile. She can be very playful. Scott mentioned how ‘playful’ Angie was getting too.

We ordered another round of drinks, and the ladies returned. They looked good enough to eat, right there, and we complimented them on their sexy appearance. The dance floor emptied after a slow song and we all got on the floor together. The DJ played a fast song, some bump-and-grind thing from the 80’s. Soon the girls were dancing apart from us, as a trio. Me and the guys decided to sit back down and watch the show.

The DJ, seeing the girls were attracting an audience, urged them to “Get it on!” and similar 80’s clichés. He switched the song to a hard driving disco beat and the girls seemed to love the extra attention. They were only too happy to provide their own bump and grind. Angie had her cebeci escort jean skirt hiked up high enough to see her white panties. When she bent over. her huge melons came close to overflowing her tube top.

Samantha pulled up her black dress to show her long legs with thigh high black hose. Her long black hair whipped around as she tossed her head from side to side. Barb was holding her own in her short skirt. She had unbuttoned a few buttons on the silk blouse and everyone could easily see plenty of cleavage from her 34D pushup bra. The three damsels danced by themselves, but would occasionally turn to each other and team up. At one point, Sam had both girls on either side of her. She spread her long legs apart, and Angie and Barb acted like they were each humping one of her legs. The crowd went crazy. Barb saw Angie start to cup her huge tits, and she did the same to hers. They cupped, shook and rubbed their tits, as Sam reached out from both sides to grab them. The yells and whistles became deafening, at that point.

Mercifully, the song ended and the sweaty women left the dance floor like a trio of Vegas showgirls. We applauded loudly, whistled and basically acted like we were at a strip show. They came over to our table, but each of them took a different seat than before. They were so worn out; they didn’t care where they sat down. Sam sat next to me, Angie with Tom, and Barb with Scott. The girls simmered down a bit and we engaged in some light, but sexy conversation. A slow song started and we all decided to dance with our new table partners. Sam immediately slung her long arms around my neck, locked her fingers and leaned back. With my hands around her thin waist, her cunt lined up perfectly with my crotch.

“Oh Donny, I can’t believe we did that!” She said, whipping my face with her long black tresses.

I smoothed away her hair to one side. “I can’t believe how sexy you all are!” I said, as she moved her pelvis into mine.

She relaxed now and let her arms hold me closer. Our cheeks met and she felt my hard cock press against her pussy. “Ooh, that’s nice,” she whispered.

I let my hands fall slowly over her hips and around her ass, to bring us tighter together. “What would your wife say about this?” She asked.

I looked over at Barb and Scott. They were positioned just like us, and Scott had a firm grip on my wife’s ass.

“I don’t think she would be upset.” I answered Sam, flexing my hardon against her pussy.

The DJ played another slow song right away, so we didn’t get a chance to sit down. I continued groping Sam. Suddenly I felt someone against my back.

“We’re thinking of going up to the lake house, Sam,” said Angie, as she pressed hard against me from the rear.

Her huge tits rubbed against my back. She brought her hands around my waist and lowered them to my crotch. “Don’t you think Donny and Barb ought to come too?”

Samantha purred, “Yes, Angie, I think that would be delightful.”

Apparently, when Tom and Angie had stopped dancing, and she joined Sam and me; Tom joined in sandwiching Barb with Scott. I looked over and she was giggling, as the two guys were doing the same to Barb. In retrospect, we should have got a clue then, what the lake house was all about. We all returned to our seats, and Sam and Angie went on and on about how neat the lake house was. It was just outside of town. Tom and Scott had a part interest in the place. They did make it sound appealing.

“It’s like you’re out in the middle of nowhere,” said Scott.

“Nobody around for miles -the perfect party palace. You and Barb might as well join us.” Tom said, as his eyes wandered down Barb’s cleavage.

Barb and I looked at each other and agreed it might be fun. We hadn’t been with such friendly people for quite some time, and we didn’t want to be party poopers. We settled up our tab and piled into our cars. I asked Barb what she really thought of these people.

“They seem very nice. The guys are very attentive…and good looking, don’t you think?” She said smiling.

“Yes, and so are their wives.” I said. We both decided at that point, to relax and enjoy the moment.

“How else do you meet people these days?” Barb remarked.

We drove on for about a half hour, until we came to the Lake Road turnoff. The bumpy gravel road changed to dirt and then sand, as we pulled up to their house. çukurambar escort It was a large house nestled in a wooded area far from the main road.

“What do you girls say to the “Lake House Initiation Breakfast Special?” Asked Tom.

The girls giggled and took Barb into the front room. I followed the guys to the kitchen.

“What’s the deal?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s kind of tradition, when we have a new couple over,” said Scott, smiling coyly.

“Yeah, us guys do the cooking,” added Tom.

“And the women?” I asked.

“Well, let’s just say they have to pay for it.”

This sounded intriguing, as I put on my apron. The other two guys undressed to their shorts and then put on aprons. Must be part of the tradition, I thought. We whipped up a pretty good breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns and pancakes -simple, but filling. The girls really enjoyed the role reversal. After breakfast, I went out on the deck for a smoke and could see the distant lights of other cabins around the lake. The air was warm for September, but a nice breeze kept everything comfortable. After my second cigarette, Angie and Samantha joined me on the deck.

“Quite a beautiful night.” I said, starring at the stars. They agreed and giggled like they were in on a private joke. “So, I hear, according to tradition, you girls have to pay for breakfast?”

“Yes, Donny, that’s why we’re out here…to pay up,” said Sam, as she pulled the spandex dress off of her shoulders and wiggled it down her long legs.

She stepped out and stood up to reveal her bare chest. Her perfectly formed tanned tits stuck straight out. She had no panties on, just black thigh-high hose. Angie pulled her white tube top up and over her head and out tumbled her huge 40DD’s.

“Ya see, in these here parts, sex is the legal tender,” said Angie, in a cowgirl voice.

Both women came toward me, and I immediately thought of Barb. “Where’s Barb at? Is she…?” I asked, wondering if she was safe.

“Oh, she’s inside settling up her bill with Tom and Scott,” said Sam, reaching for my belt buckle.

“I think I need to check on her.” I said, pushing Sam’s hand away.

I went quickly to the atrium door. It was locked. I peered inside. I couldn’t see anything from where I was on the deck.

“Come here, Donny. It’s OK,” said Angie, as she led me around the other side of the deck.

There was no door on that side, but I could see the three of them clearly. Barb was standing. Tom and Scott, in nothing but their aprons, were on either side of her. Tom was French-kissing her ear and Scott was slowly undoing her blouse. She looked through the pane glass and saw me on the deck. She smiled at me and Tom pulled her hand to his cock, under the apron.

Samantha came up from behind me. I could feel her warm nakedness against my back. Her arms encircled my chest and she whispered. “See Donny, Barb’s doing just fine.”

I continued watching my wife being seduced by these two studs, as Angie undid my pants and pulled them off. She was nude, except for her jean skirt. She stood in front of me, shoved her huge tits in my chest and pulled on my cock. Sam caressed my ass and tongued my ears. Angie slowly went to her knees and began sucking my dick. They moaned as I stood there with my eyes glued to the show in the front room.

Barb was completely naked and had a hard cock in each hand. Tom, the taller man had shed his apron and was fondling one of her tits, while he kissed her mouth. I saw his tongue dart in and out of her lips, as she tried to suck at it. Scott was kissing her shoulders and tits, as she slowly jacked his cock. He was well endowed and must have had 10 inches. Tom’s cock was more like my 8 inches. Scott lowered himself from her grip and started kissing her thighs and playing with her pussy. I could see she was definitely enjoying the extra attention. She started to ride Scott’s finger fucking. She pulled harder and faster at Tom’s cock, kissing him deeper.

The girls were all over me. Kissing me everywhere and fingering themselves.

“See what kind of slut your wife is,” said Sam, as she moved in front of me.

Angie kept sucking my cock for all she was worth. They backed me up to a picnic table and had me sit on the edge. Samantha had me lay back on the table. With my legs hanging over the edge, Angie stopped her blowjob, stood up demetevler escort and massaged my cock between her huge tits. Samantha straddled my face from above. I saw her black haired pussy coming at me, and opened my mouth to take her in. My arms grabbed around her thighs and I licked and sucked at her cunt. Angie went back to sucking my cock. She deep throated me over and over. I heard Sam screaming, as she rode my tongue to climax.

“Oh God, Fuck us Donny!” Samantha cried, as she dismounted my face and kissed me.

“Stop blowing him, Angie. I want to fuck him,” demanded Sam.

Sam got on all fours on the table. Big titted Angie crawled under her, and lined up in the ’69’. I knelt behind Sam and inserted my dick in her pussy and started humping her beautiful, tanned ass. I could feel Angie licking at my balls and sucking Sam’s pussy lips, from below. Sam returned the favor to Angie, as I pumped my cock in and out of her cunt. In this new position I could see through the deck window again.

Barb lay on a long couch with Tom fucking her mouth at one end, and Scott eating her pussy out, at the other. She seemed right at home deep throating Tom’s cock. Scott had her pussy totally saturated. He raised her legs up high and spread them wide. His huge cock slowly parted her pussy lips, and she stopped sucking Tom’s dick. She looked down, as Scott slowly rammed her cunt to the hilt with is manhood. Her head fell backward and I could see she was screaming. I wondered for a second if she was OK. She brought her head back and reinserted Tom’s cock in her mouth and started sucking him faster. The sight of Scott’s big cock gorging her in and out, coupled with my cock pumping away at Sam’s cunt was too much. I exploded into Sam’s cunt.

She screamed, “Oh God, Oh God!”

Angie had her hand wrapped around the base of my cock and quickly whipped it out of Sam’s pussy and stuck in her mouth. This was one dumb blonde that loved to suck cock. She sucked my cum covered dick even deeper. Sam, seeing Angie’s action, went down on her pussy with both hands and her tongue. She shoved her entire hand up Angie’s cunt, while she licked and sucked her clit. I reached around Sam’s slender legs and could feel Angie’s big tits. I pulled at her nipples, as Sam fucked her harder. I looked down and saw my spent cum oozing out of Sam’s pussy, onto my cock, and into Angie’s mouth. Angie sucked me hard and harder, until I felt another load shoot down her throat. She yanked my cock out and screamed, her pussy grinding against Sam’s fist fucking.

“I’m fucking cuming, God Dammit, I’m cuming!”

Sam didn’t stop fisting her, and Angie kept climaxing. It would have been incredible to watch, if I hadn’t been looking through the window.

Both guys were about to climax with my wife. Tom pulled his cock out of her mouth, and pumped his cock again and again, until he shot a stream of cum all over her face. Scott whipped his sizeable organ out of Barb’s pussy, just in time to spew his load all over her big tits. This guy must have been saving up cum or something. His cock wouldn’t stop cuming. It was like a faucet. His white jizz covered her tits and he started painting her face with it. Barb closed her eyes and let it engulf her. She finger fucked herself and licked at puddles of cum around her lips. She was a total, cum-dripping mess.

Samantha and Angie finished up eating each other out, as I got dressed. The two girls went around to the other side of the deck. That door was open and I followed them into the front room. Barb still lay in her pool of cum, with a dazed look. Sam brought in a towel off of the kitchen counter and started to mop up Barb.

Angie helped her up. “Let’s get you cleaned up, girl.”

The two guys slumped in easy chairs. “Man you’ve got quite a fucking lady there,” said Scott, acting out of breath (heaven knows, he was out of everything else.)

“That’s one hell of an initiation guys!” I exclaimed.

“Hope you’re not too upset?” Asked Tom.

“No, I continued, but you might give a guy some warning.”

“Hell, Donny. If we gave you guys a warning, it would have ruined the surprise of it all -and the tradition.” They laughed.

The three of us guys turned on the tube and were watching a rerun of some old football classic. The girls returned to the front room, all dressed in long nightshirts.

“Time for us ladies to get our beauty sleep.” Announced Angie, as she swung her 40DD’s from side to side.

I looked at Barb, and she seemed content. “Us girls will be sleeping upstairs, OK?” Barb whispered, and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

The girls said their goodnights and the three of them headed upstairs. I think it was about halftime, when I passed out in the front room.

…continued with Wild Nights Ch. 2

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