Winter Lust

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This is a continuation of a previous story, River Lust.


The marathon meetings were winding down and I finally had some time to sit in my office and collect my thoughts. My firm had been engaged to resolve patent issues involved in the merger of two tech companies. It had been a demanding and lucrative two year effort, but it was finally winding down. My desk was piled with files and I had barely been keeping up with my work related e-mail. For the first time in a couple weeks, I was able to take a look at my personal phone messages. Unless it was from my daughter or my parents, I simply let them pile up. As I was going through the list of messages, I came across a call with an unfamiliar 208 prefix. I had no idea who had left me that message. As I am very strict about whom I give out my personal phone number, I was a little concerned. I figured it was a wrong number, but before I deleted it, I decided to listen.

The voice I heard immediately sent a shiver through my body. It was Ben, a river guide I had met the previous summer while rafting down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. During the course of a few days, I let this man into my life in ways that I had not allowed since my divorce. We had two nights of the most passionate sex I had ever experienced. Maybe it was being in the wilderness, but whatever it was, it was magical.

I had learned that in addition to being a river guide, he was also a ski instructor at Sun Valley, Idaho. In a note I gave him when I left the river, I said that I had always wanted to learn how to ski. He was calling to see if I wanted to come out and spend some time on the slopes. He had left the message two weeks before, so I immediately called him back.

His phone rang, but went straight to voice mail. I apologized profusely for not returning his call sooner and I told him how much I would love to come out to Sun Valley to ski and to please call me back.

It was a week before I got a call on my personal cell, with a 208 phone number. Fortunately, I was in my office, so I was able to pick up. I felt a little like a teenage girl finally getting a phone call from a cute boy as his voice stirred some butterflies. I again apologized for not calling him back sooner, explaining that I had been buried at work. As a retired attorney he understood. He said that he had been on a late season elk hunt for the past week and he had just returned home. Ben said he would love to share Sun Valley with me and we settled on a 4 day window in mid-January

For the holidays, my daughter Annie was with me this year. We traveled to see my parents in Vermont and we had a story book Christmas. After celebrating New Years back in New York, I sent my sweet girl to her father in North Carolina. I then began counting down the days until I left for Idaho.

Two weeks later I boarded a direct flight to Salt Lake City, where I transferred to a small jet for the flight to Hailey Idaho. As we approached the little airport, I began to feel nervous about seeing Ben again.

The last time I had seen him he had been wearing rafting shorts, a shirt and sandals. When I entered the small airport terminal, I saw him. My knees weakened just a bit, but there he was, wearing Levis, cowboy boots and a leather jacket. He looked perfect.

I put my carryon down as he walked towards me. I put out my arms and we hugged. He kissed me in a way that I imagined two lovers who had been separated by place and time would kiss.

He gathered up my bag and after retrieving my luggage, we went out and he loaded my gear and me into a huge Fork pickup truck. I had never been in such a big vehicle that was so high off the ground.

As we drove towards Sun Valley, Ben told me that we were going to stop by his place to drop off my gear and maybe have something to eat. I must admit that the tingling between my legs made me hope that there might be more.

We drove up a canyon that branched from the main road. There were lovely homes scattered about. Ben turned down a long snow lined driveway towards a beautiful log home nestled near a small stream. There were two buildings near the cabin. One sheltered a horse trailer and small tractor. The other looked like a very large garage.

After he helped me out of the truck, we went through the two giant rough cut front doors into a log home that was simply breathtaking. A huge river rock fireplace was in the middle of the space, and windows across the entirety of one wall, looking out towards the creek. A chef quality kitchen was off to the left.

He poured me a glass of wine and I wandered around taking the place in. I noticed quite a few movie posters on the walls and I asked if he was a Hollywood groupie or something. He responded by telling me that this cabin had been built by Steve McQueen. It was a place he and his wife would retreat to from the demands of his career. Startled, I said “Steve McQueen, the movie star”? Ben smiled and said “one in the same”.

As I collected my thoughts, he offered me a sandwich which Bodrum Escort helped me feel a little less embarrassed. This place fit Ben perfectly. It was clearly a man’s home, but it was elegant. I asked him if he decorated it himself, and he said yes. In one corner he had a gun cabinet with numerous guns lined up neatly. Fishing poles were also in a rack, waiting to be used. I spied pictures of his daughters. He happily showed them to me, being the ever proud father. I was very comfortable here.

Before long, Ben suggested we head up to Ketchum and do a bit of shopping and then have dinner. I needed to rent skis and boots. He wanted to make sure that I had a helmet, good gloves and goggles. We stopped by a ski shop where all the staff seemed to know him. The women showed particular interest. In less than an hour, I was all outfitted and ready to go.

We decided to walk around town. As we walked along he suggested that we stop in a small store that specialized in sheepskin jackets. The store had a beautiful stock of all styles of jackets and coats. After trying on several beautiful coats, the woman helping us went into the back and brought out a beautiful dark brown, mid-calf length sheepskin coat that was lined with delicious wool fleece. She helped me put it on. It fit perfectly and I must say that I looked great. There was no price tag so I asked the clerk and she pointed to Ben, who was standing across the store with a “sheepish” grin. She explained that he had been in a week before and picked it out. I was without words. All I could do was walk over and kiss him and say thank you.

Ben was obviously quite pleased with himself as we walked out and headed back to the truck. He said he had unique dinner experience planned for us as we headed toward Bald Mountain. Baldy, as the locals refer to it, is the main ski mountain for Sun Valley. It is a huge mountain that towers over town. Ben said we were going over to the River Run side so that I could see the beautiful lodge and ski lifts.

As we parked and then walked across the bridge over the Big Wood River, the beautiful lodge and lifts were very impressive. I did notice that one lift was actually an enclosed gondola. It was still running, even though it was getting dark. We walked over and I was surprised when we walked up and were helped into one of the gondola cars. We quietly rode up the mountain, away from the lights of Ketchum. At the top, we walked up to the Roundhouse, a historic lodge mid-mountain on Baldy. The interior was dominated by a huge fire place with dinner tables scattered about. Our table was next to the windows, providing us a fabulous view of the valley below.

With a big fire crackling in the background our server started by bringing us out a wonderful fondue and an excellent bottle of wine. It was evident that Ben had already arranged for our meal, as the server brought out the courses just at the right time. We enjoyed bringing each other up on what we had been doing since our river trip. He proudly told me about his daughters and their families. He wanted to know about Annie. They had become fast friends on the river and his affection for my daughter was a delight. He asked about work, but I said that I wanted to leave that for another time. This night was too special.

As the final diners were leaving, it was time for us to head down the mountain as well. Before we left, I said I needed to visit the restroom. Our server politely directed me there. Once inside, I decided to put my touch on the evening, so I took off all my clothes and stuffed them into my shoulder bag. I was left wearing my calf high winter boots and my new coat which felt especially soft against my bare skin. With my coat buttoned and the collar pulled up, there would be no hint that I was naked underneath.

When I came out we headed for the gondola. Ben asked if the attendant could slow the ride down so that we could enjoy the view. The operator agreed and helped us into a car.

The gondola was not heated, but that did not dissuade me. Once we were out of view, I stood up pretending to get a better view of Ketchum. I turned to face Ben and with nervous hands I untied the belt, undid the buttons and opened my coat. For a brief moment, Ben just sat there looking at me. I was breathing heavily and my pussy was throbbing. His surprisingly warm hands slipped around my waist as he pulled me closer. He then began to rub his hands up my back, over my shoulders to my breasts. He stood and had me sit and then he knelt before me. We kissed deeply as he gently pinched my erect nipples. He then slowly moved his hands down to my pussy, but he passed my sex and rubbed the inside of my legs. We kissed and then I felt his hand gently move towards my pussy. It was a pure sensation that caused me to lose my breath. The tip of his finger brushing my waiting clit was all it took. I came in a lusty, primitive way. He slipped his finger into my drowning pussy to keep my orgasm going. Before I knew it our gondola bumped Bodrum Escort Bayan as it arrived at the bottom. My wits were shocked back as I covered myself before the car came around to the attendant. We exited with our secret preserved and headed to his truck. I was not drunk, but my legs were unsure of themselves and I clung to Ben. Once in his truck, he reached over, put his hand under my coat and kissed me as he rubbed my pussy again. Then he quickly removed his hand, started his truck and we lumbered away.

Time dragged as we drove to his house. As we pulled up to the amber glow of the lights through the windows, I did my best to control myself as he opened my door and we headed inside. I sat on a couch facing the fireplace and watched Ben start the fire. He turned off all the lights and we were left only with the waving glow and sound of the fire.

He took my coat, pulled off my boots and left me with nothing. Without a word, I sat there and watched him calmly undress. I could see that he was breathing hard and when he stood before me his erect cock gave away his desire. He pulled me down onto a soft fur rug nearer the fire.

Ben’s hands were rough, but gentle. He caressed my face and then he lightly ran his fingers down my chest and belly toward my pussy. I was arching my back waiting for him to touch my most private places. I was lost in the flickering light, his touch and the quiet. I reached for his erection and tried to massage it, but my attention was focused on what he was doing to me. I came quickly.

When my strength returned, I rolled him onto his back and began to kiss his lips. My hands rubbed his chest and I could feel his breathing. I abandoned his lips and slid down and took his cock into my mouth. It was warm and I could feel his pulse in my mouth. My hands found his balls and I messaged them in rhythm with my sucking. His legs began to tense and I knew he was approaching his moment.

Not wanting the passion to end, I slid back up to his lips. We kissed until I sat up to straddle his waist so I could put his cock into my streaming pussy. With that, our calm experience erupted into very physical fucking. I pounded down on him, in sync with his rising hips. It did not take long before my orgasm erupted, which caused Ben to explode inside of me. It was a few minutes of pure physical satisfaction.

We embraced in the quiet firelight until Ben got up and helped me to my feet. Outside it was snowing. I then saw the steaming hot tub just a few very cold steps away. We sat in the bubbling warmth, with snowflakes surrounding us. Ben casually asked, “so, what do you think of Sun Valley so far”? We both laughed so hard we could hear the sound bounce off the canyon wall across the stream.

For the first time in months, I slept without the interruption of an alarm telling me to start my day. As I slowly awakened, the smell of coffee and breakfast welcomed me. Ben was waiting for me in the kitchen with breakfast. He said we needed to eat well in order to stay warm while we were skiing.

After fueling up, I showered and put on the ski clothes that Ben had set out for me. He was already dressed for the day and I could hear a car running outside the front door. It was perfectly clear outside and very cold. In place of his big truck, a beautiful white Range Rover was idling outside. Our skis, boots and related gear were already loaded.

Rather than driving towards Baldy, Ben drove towards the Sun Valley Lodge. It was then I noticed another, smaller, ski hill called Dollar Mountain. Quite frankly, I was relieved. Baldy was pretty intimidating.

Ben explained that Dollar was a great place for people to learn how to ski. He had taught both his daughters to ski there. He also said that while he occasionally instructs on Baldy, he prefers Dollar when working with kids and adults who have never been on skis.

It seemed that everybody on Dollar knew him. He introduced me to some of the instructors and folks working in the lodge. After excusing himself to get lift tickets, I was visiting with a young woman who ran the ski school. She said that Ben was her best instructor. She wished that she could get him to work more, but she understood that he was there by choice. Ben was known to have an uncanny ability to put people at ease and give them the confidence to try something new.

With ski passes on our jackets, Ben helped me into my ski boots. We walked around a bit to break them in. He then showed me how to put on my skis and I at least looked like I knew what I was doing. Throughout the day, he gently introduced this new experience to me at a pace that was just right. Before I knew it, I was getting on and off a ski lift without fear. He helped me to intellectually understand what it took to initiate a turn and how to stop. From there, he simply showed me and told me to follow. I did fall a couple times. I was more embarrassed than hurt. Even a fall provided Ben with an opportunity to teach me how to get up. He was there Escort Bodrum when I needed him, but he also gave me space to figure things out on my own.

By early afternoon, I was skiing much of the mountain with confidence. With that said, I was hearing it from several muscle groups that had not been prepared for the rigors of skiing. I asked Ben if I could take a break. Of course, he agreed. He found a table outside and loosened up my boots before he went inside and brought me a cup of hot chocolate and a pastry. After finishing my treats Ben asked if I was ready to take a few more runs. I said that I was pretty tired. He smiled and said that he was pretty tired as well. I did not believe it.

Once we had loaded the Range Rover, he said he had a “sure fire” solution to my aching muscles. We drove over to the Sun Valley Lodge which had recently been totally renovated. The owners had also added a world class spa. Ben said that he had made arrangements for the both of us to have massages and a steam. All my aches and pains seemed to disappear under the attention of an expert masseuse. The steam room was followed by a dip in the steaming outdoor pool.

After a couple hours of work class pampering, we headed back to Ben’s home. He asked if I wanted to eat out or if I would prefer him making dinner? I told him I was happy to get into some warm comfy clothes and enjoy an evening in.

While changing clothes, I laid down on the bed and before I knew it I was asleep. I slept for a couple hours.

After waking up to wonderful smells coming from the kitchen I got dressed to find Ben putting the final touches on dinner. I wandered out and told Ben that I did not realize how tired I was. He said that Sun Valley has a way of helping people decompress.

I sat at the island and watched him slice grilled elk tenderloin which he bathed in a luscious morel mushroom sauce. A couple huge Idaho baked potatoes were in the oven. To start things off, he served me a delightful wine and an artichoke half that he had grilled. Once the spuds were done he served me several slices of the elk, a potato and some grilled asparagus. I had never eaten elk and I was astonished at how flavorful and tender it was. Ben agreed and said that he rarely eats anything other than elk or venison.

We spent the evening talking, or should I say, I spent the evening talking. Ben wanted to know how the merger was going and that gave me the opening to tell him way more than he probably wanted to know. He allowed me to vent my frustrations with work and where I was in my life. I think he knew that I needed to air out to somebody who could appreciate where I was coming from. It was very relieving. I did not realize how much weight I was carrying with all the frustrations and regrets that I accumulated.

I had no idea how late it was, but Ben suggested we go to bed. We undressed and crawled naked into his bed and covered ourselves with a goose down comforter. The last thing I remember was melting into his embrace while watching the snow fall outside.

As I slowly awoke, I was again greeted with lovely fragrances that invited me to start my day. I put on a robe and found Ben puttering around the kitchen. He offered me a cup of coffee and a hot cinnamon roll


As I was enjoying my breakfast, Ben walked around and rubbed my shoulders. I told him that I felt badly for going to sleep so quickly. I feared that he had been waiting for something more, but he said that he enjoyed watching me drift off into a sound sleep. I made a promise to myself that tonight, our last night together, I would give Ben an evening that he would remember.

It was lightly snowing when we pulled up to Dollar Mountain. So many people from the day before made a point of coming over to say hello that I felt right at home. Ben picked up our ski passes and we went out to the lifts. Under his watchful eye, we explored the whole mountain. I was getting to the point that I was not thinking about how to ski. Instead, I was simply skiing and having a great time. I kept thinking about how much Annie would enjoy skiing.

Again, by early afternoon, I was worn out. We headed over to the spa, which was just what I needed. Back at his house, we got dressed for dinner in Ketchum. We enjoyed a fabulous French meal at one of the town’s legendary restaurants. From there, we walked to a club on Main Street that was really bustling. Ben introduced me to so many folks that I had no chance of remembering any of their names. This place had a wonderful, care free vibe that I enjoyed. We ducked out before the place really got rocking as I was leaving in the morning. Riding back to Ben’s place, I came to appreciate why he calls this place home. I found myself a bit envious.

While Ben was getting the fire going, I slipped into the bedroom. I had brought some delicious body oil that I wanted to share. I emerged from the bedroom in just my panties to find Ben pouring two glasses of champagne. We sat on the fur rug in front of the fire place and enjoyed our champagne. I then began kissing Ben. I laid him on his back and I started to unbutton his shirt, licking his chest and kissing neck. I then focused on his belt and pants. When I pulled down his pants, his erect penis clearly reflected that he was enjoying himself.

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