Woman Seduces Married Man

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I was on vacation with my wife on two passes that were given to me by Camila. She was a consultant I worked with on a massive hotel project in my city. We worked with each other for about a month.

My wife and I went to dinner that first night at a nice restaurant in the resort.

After a few drinks, I look up . . . And I see Camila standing by the bar.

We locked eyes and I felt the heat rise to my neck. She was looking so good in a little black dress. The memories of that hot night came flooding back! The memories of fucking her after a dinner meeting a few months back was intense! The idea that I cheated on my wife then made me instantly hard! Her eyes looking at me and those lips looking so perfect!!

Camila got up and positioned herself at the bar so she was behind my wife. She began to flirt with me hard from where she was sitting. She sat in a way that showed off her perfect breasts. And she would slowly un-cross her smooth legs and re-cross them to get me to look up her dress! I saw she was wearing black lace leggings!

I saw her pull out her phone and send a text.

I Bodrum Escort felt my pocket buzz. I quickly pulled it out and looked at it under the table. It was from Camila!

“Meet me in the mens bathroom in 2 minutes!”

She then followed it up with a pic up her dress showing that she did not have any panties on!

My wife asked if I was ok. I said yes but I might have to go make a phone call for work! Kinda an emergency! She said ok whatever your need as she sipped on her champagne. I noticed Camila was gone!

I quickly got up and headed towards the back of the restaurant!

As I entered the bathroom, Camila wrapped her arms around me, and we began making out! It was hot and heavy! We went from wall to wall pushing her against it! Pulling her tits out! Squeezing her breasts! I lifted her onto the counter and pulled her dress off!! Her smooth pussy just begging to be licked!

She was wearing a sexy black lingerie set! Fuck, she looked so good!! I knelt down and began licking her pussy! Oh the sweet taste! The sweet smell! The warmth!! She grabbed my head Bodrum Escort Bayan and pulled me into her!

She was moaning so loud I had to cover her mouth as she orgasmed all over my face!!

We were so hot I reached over and locked the door! Pulled my pants down and flipped her around! I wanted to use the mirror so I could watch her tits bounce and grab her hips while I fuck her!

My hard dick sprung free. I felt her firm ass press back against me! She was so eager! She needed my married cock deep in her!

I uses one hand to position my dick at her entrance and the other grabbed her hip! I pulled her back onto my dick as I thrust forward!

She was so wet and warm! She was so tight!!

Ahh it felt sooooo good! I could not help but grunt out loud as I entered her!

She arched her back, giving me full view of her perfect tits bouncing as I fucked her from behind!

There was a knock at the door. I yelled busy be done in a minute!

The idea of getting caught made it that much more intense! We were both fucking hard! I leaned forward, wrapped Escort Bodrum my hand around her tits and the other around her neck pulling her back to me. I told her I am going to cum in her pussy and she is going to cum with me!

Her body began to shake! I felt her breathing intensify! I felt her pussy flood my cock with a new wave of cum! I felt her heart beat in her chest! I saw her eyes plead to let her cum!

She was so ready to cum! I thrust hard and fast! The thought of my wife just 50 ft away made this fuck so intoxicating!!

I grunted that I’m cumming!! As she felt my dick get extra hard and start shooting cum! She let go and her whole body shook through an orgasm! The feeling of her pussy clamping down on my dick was incredible! I shot load after load deep inside her!

Once we finished, she whipped around and kissed me deeply! She got dressed, straightened her hair, put on lipstick and winked at me. She said see you around stranger, and she exited the bathroom!!

I had to quickly put my suit back on and make myself look half way presentable!

As I walked back to my wife, she noticed I was sweating. I told her I had to run back to the room to get on my computer. Man it’s hot out there!

I saw Camila leave the restaurant and give me a seductive look! I knew this would not be the last time I fucked her perfect body!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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