Wresting Team Gone Wild Ch. 06

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A new coach with rather unorthodox methods is appointed to bring the University’s wresting team back to the top. Unfortunately for straight hunk Scott, the path to victory involves turning him into the team’s bitch.

The story, names, and places are entirely fictional. All characters featured are above 18. Enjoy.


Wrestling Team Gone Wild

Chapter 6: First Cumpetition

“Shit is getting real boys! Your first competition is in exactly 9 days! It’s time we put in place our beast mode protocol. Strict diet. Complete focus. No girls. No cum.”

Coach Ranson was making his speech in the locker-room after our Thursday training. As instructed, I was naked, on all fours, determined to show the Coach, the staff and the rest of team that I did not need any more lesson to be taught regarding my body insecurities.

Practice had gone very well that day, I had reached my perfect weight of 149 lbs and managed to take the upper hand over Travis.

“Coach, I can try not to cum but how am I going to stop the ladies from coming at me?” Asked Damian Feytons with a grin.

Doctor Peterson spoke.

“Feytons, you better take this seriously. We will run tests before your matches, if your level of testosterones is too low, you might just sit on the bench while your teammates compete.”

“Being forbidden to compete just because we have cummed? Really?” Asked Harry Cooper.

“Yes, really. What do you think we’re doing here? This is common practice among professional athletes and it brings tremendous results. Imagine how strong, how eager, how aggressive you will feel in 9 days! Is not that what you want?”

Everyone mumbled a yes but we were all a little stunt by how real the “non-ejaculation” rule had just gotten. I myself was already working on limiting my jerk off sessions to a minimum following the Coach’s advice for a couple of weeks.

I had not cummed in 5 days at that point and it was already difficult to think about anything else.

But what was coming next (no pun intended) was even crazier.

“Look, as you were not aware that this would start today, as an exceptional favour, we will allow you to ejaculate right now, but no one is allowed to cum once you are out of this locker-room!” Explained Coach Ranson.

“Are you serious, Coach?” Asked Cory, showing more bravery than usual.

Cory had not gone into the showers yet and his naked body, that I was forced to stare at to work on my body issues, was pearling with sweat.

“Am I usually kidding?” Questioned the Coach and Cory just nodded no.

I saw that Damian was already touching his meaty dick. I knew too well that this one did not mind cumming right there, in the middle of the locker-room.

“Go ahead, guys.” Said Doctor Peterson. “It’s now or never, your call.”

“I don’t know… Jerking off with other guys, it’s kinda gay, no?” Mumbled Tom to two of his mates.

“Bunch of pussies!” Laughed Damian. “None of you ever circle jerked before? Are you sure you even belong to this university?”

He was already pumping his dick to make it hard. This guy had no shame at all.

Eli and Harry soon joined him, feeling their own cocks as well. I looked away this time, it was one thing to look at them changing but jerking off, that was a whole other story. This could not do anything to help with my wrestling skills!

“Problem there?” Barked Coach Ranson at my attention.

“Sorry Coach, I…”

“You have to look!” The Head Coach shouted before calming down. He seemed so excited for some weird reasons. “I mean, I think this is the perfect opportunity to finish your training before our first big competition. See, it’s right there! Look at how comfortable they are with their bodies! You should aspire to reach this level of confidence!”

I stared at them again, getting red. I just had to pretend I was fine with that.

“That’s all-good Scott. We’re all men here.” Said Coach Daniel, to reassure me.

Maybe, but he was wearing his nylon shorts and I was still naked on all fours!

“Do you want us to jerk off right here?” Asked Tom. Despite his initial concerns, he was always ready to please the Coach in every way possible.

“I don’t want anything from you, boy, but if you want to cum once more before the next 10 days, this would be the time, indeed. You can use a porn on your phone, no need to pretend you don’t have some naughty shit on there.”

Always a nice bonding experience within a team!” Commented Coach Daniel.

“Also, a good sign to see if you are all healthy!” Added Doctor Peterson.

Did they all go mad?

Damian walked behind me.

“I don’t really like porn too much, only a real pussy makes me really hard but the view from here, that nice bubble but, it’s like having the real thing!”

It took me a few seconds to understand that he was talking about me.

I may have made my biggest mistake so far. I tried to cover up my ass with my hands and getting up.

“What do you think you’re doing Russel?!”

Coach Eryaman Escort Ranson was furious. I had never seen him in this state.

“Good Lord, you still feel the need to cover up as soon as someone makes the slightest comment on your body! After all the progress we have made! Feytons here is teasing you, that should not be a big deal but you just cannot handle it! What if someone from the crowd in the opposing team call you out on your fat butt during the competition?! It might damn well happen you know! Your ass in this singlet is quite noticeable. One single comment and they’ll mess with your brain!”

“They won’t Coach… I swear… I…” I tried to defend myself but my attempt was quite miserable, I was very stressed.

“ON ALL FOURS BOY!” The Head Coach roared like a lunatic.

This was the first time he gave me such a direct and firm order in front of the entire team and staff, everybody got silent around us. I felt tears coming to my eyes. I was trying so hard to fit in this team and I could never do it right!

I realize now that this was another point where I should have put my foot down but I guess it was already too late, I could not handle the Coach being mad at me. At this moment, he was simply terrifying me and I did not see any way out.

I went back to my position, on all fours.

“Now Russel, I want you to crawl that way to show off your ass to every… Wait, I have a better idea! It will be easier if you all form a circle around our Scott right here.”

Everyone moved to form a circle around me, I crawled a bit to make sure I was right in the middle of it. They were all naked but only a few of them were actively touching their dicks. It was quite surreal. Damian was already fully hard. His dick was really impressive, both in length and in girth. It was also the first time I noticed how big his balls were, how they seem full.

I had more than 20 hunky naked guys around me. I felt a bit disoriented.

“Now, all of you, I want you to comment on Scotty’s big fat ass. He is going to turn around slowly so you can all have a nice view of his butt. Put your face against the floor Scotty, your bottom needs to be in full display.”

I heard Coach Daniel murmured.

“Do you think this is necessary, Coach?”

But he was cut off by both Doctor Peterson and Coach Ranson who talked at the same time.

“It is.”

Nobody else objected. Surprisingly, it was young Tom who spoke first among the athletes.

“He does have a big bubble ass. A real girl’s ass.” He said, matter of factly.

“No, no.” Corrected Damian. “Russel has a bitch’s ass. It’s like a girl’s ass except it is only waiting for getting fucked.”

Some of the guys laughed at my expense.

I saw Travis faked a faint smile and I felt very betrayed. At least, I hoped the smile was faked.

I knew that since I had been considered as the star athlete of the team by the staff, the other wrestlers were whispering behind my back. I heard some of them calling me the coach’s pet once or twice. But until that moment, I had not realized how much they were waiting for the first occasion to humiliate me. Did they really hate me?

After the first few comments, they did not stop. On the contrary, it’s like their words were getting raunchier and raunchier.

“Show us that whore’s bum, milady.” Shouted Cory.

“That’s not an ass, that’s a semi-truck!” I thought it was Eli but I could not see everyone.

“Fuck, when we get to see his hole, sorry her bitchy hole, it looks like a fucking pussy! I can’t believe it.” I did not recognize this one, but who cared, they were all thinking the same thing. I had the ass of a trashy Pornstar.

Without needing any further instruction from the Coach, they all understood what they were expecting to do and they began to masturbate. I was no longer questioning why I was participating in this charade, hell, why I was the main attraction of it.

At several occasions, I did try to reposition myself in a less exposing way, moving my head away from the floor tiles, but at some point, Damian put his dirty giant feet against my face so I could no longer move it. I stopped fighting and just let him have his way.

He was jerking his big dick off above me. He was using his two hands.

At this point, all my teammates, including Travis, were basically jacking off.

Coach Ranson came in the middle of the circle. I foolishly thought he was about to end this madness but I should have known better.

Instead, he grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks.

“This is for you own good, Scott, we are simply finishing up with the protocol we have started. Full exposure. Your biggest fear. After that, you will be so comfortable with yourself on the mat, nothing will stop you! You are our most precious talent!”

The other guys grunted.

“See boys, how Russel is committed for the team. This is what I am expecting from all of you!”

“Yes, Coach!” Shouted some of the athletes, excited, Sincan Escort in more ways than one.

“Coach… I… I’m sorry… I’m gonna…”

The view of my open anus, still stretched out by Coach Ranson, was too much for Tom who cummed in his hand. Some drops of semen were stuck in his ginger pubic hair.

Everybody else laughed.

“I bet it was the first time Tom got so closed to a pussy!”

“Fuck you, Eli!” Snapped back Tom, who seemed a bit embarrassed having ejaculated so fast.

“Come on boys, we don’t have all day! Follow Tom’s lead here so we can be done with that.” The Head Coach was getting impatient. Did he have a dinner to attend after having his whole team of wrestlers ejaculating in the locker-room?

“It’s hard, Coach, without porn and just Scotty’s ass here.” Complained Harry Cooper.

“Can he wiggle his ass a bit?” Suggested someone.

I did not wait for the answer and started to move my ass up and down awkwardly, still against the floor. I just knew I would have to do it anyway so I would rather be in control of my humiliation. My first and miserable attempt at twerking. I weirdly smiled at the craziness of the situation. What was I doing with myself?

“You go, girl!” Shouted Harry and Cory, who were laughing out loud now, jerking off right next to each other. A nice bounding moment for the team indeed.

Damian who had still his foot up my face, slapped my ass:

“YES, BITCH! That’s what we want!”

“Hide your dick, that’s gross man! It’s hanging between your legs.”

I held it in my hand and pushed it against my belly. Another guy cummed. And another one. When the fourth one ejaculated, I felt something on my back. It had splashed everywhere. Fucking gross!

A lot of them were moaning now.

Travis would not say anything but he was definitely jerking off. I would sometimes see him hard in our dorm room, I caught him masturbating a couple of times, nothing more normal when you share a space with a college guy, but right there, it was totally different. He was jerking off watching me. Well, watching my girly ass.

I would never have done something like that to him. I would never have participated in this.

I guess that above all, they were all just glad to be on the other side of this circle and not in the middle of it.

“Awwwhoooo” Howled Cory as he cummed all over my back. This time, I was almost certain, it was intentional. He definitely got closer to me as he felt his juice coming.

“Stop…” I mumbled unintelligibly but no one paid the slightest attention to me. I could not talk too much or I would literally be sucking Damian Feytons’ dirty and hairy toes.

It started to actually smell like cum and I was losing track of the number of guys remaining in the circle jerk.

I still had to move around a bit so everyone got a good view of my asshole. As more and more guys ejaculated, my face against the tiles was touching some of the cum sprayed on the floor. I tried to avoid it as much as possible but soon, there were so many of them cumming at the same time, I did not know what to do to avoid the splashes.

“Guys, that’s how we become a group, right there! A team! That’s my wolves!” Shouted the Head Coach excited. “Awhoooooooo”.

Eli Gardener unloaded his load in my open ass, I felt his cum against my hole.

“No!” I shouted. This was too much.

Eli slapped my ass.

“Shut up, bitch.”

I did. I shut up. I felt the cum dripping from my ass. Damian was now masturbating furiously, moaning louder and louder, still over me. The Coach, anyone from the staff, someone had to do something!

I saw Travis cumming on the floor, at least he did not aim his dick right at me. Contrary to Harry Cooper who was getting his dick very close to my ass as he was preparing himself to cum.

“If Eli got to do it, I want in as well! That’s the team spirit.”

He said while he finally released himself, spraying my hole. He aimed directly at my anus. I felt my ass getting filled with his cum. I was so confused; Could that be real? Harry looked a bit guilty once the excitement had passed. The hunk had just jizzed on me!

“Fucking fag, you love that don’t you!” Grunted Damian.

Was I?

The circle was now almost empty, Coach Daniel had disappeared, most of the guys were in the showers, Leo Peterson and Coach Ranson were watching the action from a bench, and only a few guys kept on watching me, still touching their cocks.

I had a moment of lucidity. I tried to speak.

“I… I…”

“What’s that, fat bitch?” Damian said, getting his face close to mine, he was no longer blocking me with his foot but, like a good boy, I kept my head against the floor.

“I don’t…”

“You don’t want what? My alpha cum in your asshole?”

I straightened up a bit.

“I don’t want your cum in my asshole.” I managed to say.

He then grunted.

“Fuck, it will have to be on your face then!”

Without any warning, his dick started Etlik Escort to explode a few inches from my face, spraying my whole face and hair with his juice. The ejaculation took a while, Damian was moaning like a crazy man, letting go of volleys of milk all over my face.

I tried to move, some of his semen lent of my shoulders, but I felt it all over me. I got tons of it on my left cheek, on my lips too. I could no longer speak or I would swallow Damian’s cum. I fucking got a facial!

“That’s what you wanted, right? Cum on your face, not on your ass?” He said at the end, grinning. “Fantastic way to take one for the team Scott!” He patted my hair. “Oh gross, you got it everywhere.”

Two more guys, I could not tell who they were, cummed on my ass, or maybe in my ass — I could not tell anymore -, after Damian.

A minute later, I was left lying there, on the floor, covered in cum. Numb.

I heard Coach Ranson and Doctor Peterson pronouncing a speech in the shower.

I was semi-hearing what they were saying, big talks about “team cohesion” (…) “good to have some release and some fun from time to time” (…) “you enjoyed that last houra before the next competition” (…) “take good care of Russel, he is the strongest man of his team” (…) “take example on his commitment”.

I was dizzy. They were all howling like wolves in the showers now.

Someone came up to me. Someone wet.

It was Travis.

“You’re ok mate?” He seemed worried now.

I did not respond.

“Things got out of control, I… I’m sorry.”

He said as he helped me get sitting on a bench, disgusting by touching me as cum was still dripping from basically everywhere on my skin.

“This…. Is…. Sick.” I finally spoke.

The other guys came from the showers with the Coach and started to change back to their regular clothes. No-one was looking at me. Everything had degenerated so quickly, it had gone so far, most of them seemed unease.

“You should go shower too Russel, unless you want to keep that cum on you.” Said the Coach.

I stood up automatically and walked to the showers. The Coach stopped me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes.

“I am very proud of you Scott.” He said, very seriously. “I always knew you got great potential. During training today, you were amazing, and tonight, you showed a lot of resilience! You are going to beat them all on the mat!”

He hugged me, despite how disgusting I was. He then kissed me on the forehead in front of everyone. He did spit some cum out of his mouth afterwards… Probably residue of Damian’s ejaculation.

“Thank you, coach” I mumbled.

For a split second, I was very proud of myself. I was amazing during training. I was Coach Ranson’s best element. But, How? How could I feel pride after all of that?

“I know you did not get to release yourself but no special treatment for my boy. We were very clear it was now or never and the moment has passed, no cum for you until the cumpetion, sorry the competition.” Added Coach Ranson.

“Yes, Coach.”

I went to the shower; Damian was still there rinsing himself up. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, it was worse than I thought. My face was covered in cum, I had some of my shoulders, I could not see my back and ass but cum was sliding from my inner thigh.

Damian smiled when he saw me walk in. His big dick was flaccid now. I had a big cock too but at that instant, I felt way smaller than he was.

“All good, Scott?” He asked casually, soaping his dick.

I did not respond.

“You know it was all in good fun, right? Just a bit of hazing! Usual college stuff. Tons of guys get nutted on as part of their initiation, you had never done that before?”

If I had spoken, I would have broken in tears so I did not say a word.

“Come on, man. Chill out!”

While I was showering, he put his arm around my neck. I was shaking.

“You don’t have to take this all so seriously! Every sport team has this kind of fun, next time, it will be another one in the middle of this circle. Certainly not me though!” Damian said, letting go of me.

After the staff was gone, the team discussed some more. I remained naked until they were all done with changing. The atmosphere was still awkward, only the senior guys seem to be comfortable and ok with what had happened.

“Is this serious though, the non-cumming until the next comp?” Whispered Tom. “Athletes really do that?”

“I heard about it before, but I thought this was an urban legend. I guess they do that when there are really high stakes, like the Olympics.” Said Cory.

“One of my best mates used to compete in the rower teams at his college, he told me crazy stories about how they were forbidden to cum for weeks and weeks so they could be aggressive and full of testosterones when they were attending their competitions. But it was way worse, they also needed to ingest cum.” Explained Eli.

“Ingest cum?” Asked Amir.

I felt a lump in my throat.

“Yeah, I don’t know how that worked exactly.”

“I don’t know about you, little pussies, but if I don’t cum every 24 hours, my dick just explodes anyway! Poor Scotty felt it tonight. Right Donkey?”

I looked at the floor.

“And my level of testosterones is pretty much at a all-time high currently, so fuck that!” Stated Damian.

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