Writing Assignment

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(My lover lives some 8000 miles away at the moment. Thanks to COVID, we haven’t yet been able to meet face to face, though we’re counting down the days to a big red X on the calendar. That day is still 6 months away, though, so we rely on technology and words to let us feel close. All of my stories are pulled from the messages and emails I send him, half a planet away.)


You asked me to write you a story. When I asked what about you said “Us. Fucking.” I rolled my eyes so hard I nearly lost a contact and replied “Well, at least romance is still alive and kicking.”

You laughed a bit sheepishly “Sorry, babe. I just really can’t wait to get inside you.” My stomach did a little flutter at that, and I felt my thighs clench of their own accord. You continued “I think about it constantly. Finally getting to hold you, kiss you, make love to you…”

I forced myself not to think about what you were doing on the other side of my phone screen. “Then that’s what I’ll write about. Our meeting. God knows I picture it often enough. This way it won’t just be torture.” You sent a flurry of emojis and a quick “Gotta go back to work. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!” I gazed longingly at my phone for a moment, then shook myself and settled down to imagine how it would be. When you got off work early the next morning (my time, Bolu Escort that is – time zones are a headache), this was what you found in your email inbox.

“Baggage Claim

I dreamed the other night that we passed each other in an airport and I tried to catch you but couldn’t. So now I’m trying to imagine how it will really go when we meet.

I picture us locking eyes and coming towards each other, both unaccountably bashful about making the first move. I say hi, gigglier than I’d like, and look down at the floor. You take a step closer, then your hand is pushing my hair out of my face, caressing my cheek. Your thumb brushes my lips gently, then you tilt my face up toward you and say hello, looking into my eyes. My heart is already racing, I raise my hand to cup yours on my cheek and nuzzle your palm slightly, closing my eyes. You lower your head to mine and barely brush my lips with yours. It’s like an electric shock and I can’t help but gasp, my breath catching in my throat.

I open my eyes to look into yours, just centimeters away, pupils dilated and you’re all I can perceive. You murmur “Nice to finally meet you, Beloved,” which gets a tiny laugh and breaks some of the tension. I lift my hands to your face, to assure myself you’re real, fingers tracing your features, my focus flicking between your Bolu Escort Bayan eyes and your lips. You moisten them slightly with your tongue, and the sight makes me weak. Staring at your lips, breathing quick and light, I repeat “Beloved,” barely audible against your mouth as you finally press your lips to mine and the world disappears.

We pull back a moment and just look at each other, then your hand is in my hair, the other crushing me against you as our tongues meet for the first time. You groan deep in your chest, I can’t stop myself from whimpering quietly. I feel your cock hard against my belly as I press myself against you, hands on your shoulders, waist, hips, pulling you closer. But we’re in public and we force ourselves apart, gasping, dizzy with passion. Your eyes are darker with lust as you unselfconsciously adjust yourself and take my hand, saying something about getting our baggage and a ride to the hotel. I stumble along beside you, reeling with desire. I can feel my panties are already soaking, my shirt is exquisite agony against my nipples as I stretch my stride to keep up with your longer legs.

Every time you glance down at me sparks fly, and your grin alternates between wicked and delighted. You place a hand on my lower back to guide me ahead of you and I almost trip, arching back Escort Bolu into the heat of your grip. You wrap one arm around my shoulders and chest and fit your body behind mine, I can feel you shaking. You nuzzle into my hair and your lips and teeth graze my neck before you growl “Soon…” into my ear, scraping the lobe with your teeth before giving my ass a pat to get me moving again. We’re almost running, your arm around my waist, hand on my hip, squeezing and caressing, brushing across my ass, stroking up my back then catching me as I involuntarily react to your touch…

Actually, behaving like that at an airport would probably get us air marshaled. Maybe we should just meet at the hotel?”

When I woke in the morning you were sleeping, but you’d replied to the email. I actually felt a twinge of nerves as I waited for it to open. Silly. At last the message loaded and I was treated to a video of you, naked, sat on the edge of your bed, stroking your hard cock with the hand not holding your phone. You stared into the camera, eyes intense, a growl in your voice as you said “God, babe, that was spectacular. You’re right we shouldn’t meet in public for the first time. Gotta be at the hotel. It would be terrible to get arrested before I get to come all over your gorgeous tits.” You groaned, speeding up the hand grasping your shaft. “You’re writing that story next, right?” The shot got shaky, and I heard you gasping “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” before the video ended just as your first spurt barely missed hitting your phone. Damn! I need to get you a tripod. And apparently I have some writing to do!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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