Wrong Room, Right Time

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[All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This story is entirely fictional, it is simply a twist on a few fantasies.]


I have always considered myself normal, or at least, what I thought normal was, growing up. I’ve never had any sexual thoughts for towards anyone in my family. I had a normal childhood that much completely normal.

Being the oldest child to Colin and Marie Smith, I was named after my father. I never liked going by Junior though, so I was always just Colin. My mother was only twenty when she got pregnant. So, at least where we lived, that made her much younger than other new parents.

Growing up was normal as well. I dated a little bit during middle and high school, but never anything serious. When I graduated high school and went to college I did so single, which is where I first met my now wife, Erica.

We began to date after she volunteered to tutor me in one of my many math classes, a subject I always loathed. Despite her being a year younger than me she was much smarter when it came to math. College graduation came and went and before I knew it, it was time to get a job and start my career.

Over the next four years of our marriage, we tried to have kids. Due to infertility reasons, we never got made much progress. Over time we got complacent in our lives and began to drift apart. Erica always had a higher sex drive than I did and that sometimes led to problems, especially as we grew apart, but neither of us wanted to call it quits just yet.

Our sex life evolved to keep that spark alive. We got busy in unusual places, such as in the movie theater. We tried naughty things like wearing a wireless vibrator to a fancy restaurant; I so very much enjoyed controlling her and making her voice break when it came time to order her dinner.

Today was Father’s Day and, despite being unable to have kids of our own, we still celebrated these kinds of holidays simply, to ensure the other person knew how much we still cared for each other.

I came home from running a couple errands to an empty home. I quickly discovered the note confidently left for me on the island in the kitchen. It simply read “Ritz. 5:00 PM. Don’t be late.” in my wife’s handwriting.

To say I was intrigued, would be an understatement. I checked my watch. 2:45. I had plenty of time, so I decided to freshen up with a hot shower. Whatever she had planned likely involved something sexual, so I felt it prudent to ensure I wasn’t sweaty and stinky. My mind kept going back to the note, causing a semi every time. It was difficult, but I managed to prevent myself from jerking off and quickly finished my relaxing shower.

By the time I had dried off, it was almost 4:00. I blamed my absent and distracted mind as I cursed myself silently for taking so long in the shower. An hour to get dressed and downtown would be cutting it close.

I got dressed in record time and rushed to my car. I quickly tucked my phone in my pocket, inadvertently hitting the little silence button on the side. We had spent a few nights at this hotel, so I didn’t need directions.

As I pulled up the valet greeted me, and I exchanged my keys for a ticket stub. I made my way inside and to the front desk where I was promptly greeted by one of the many agents at the desk.

“Checking in, sir?”

“No, my wife’s already checked in. Did she leave me a key? It would be under Colin Smith.” I ask hurriedly.

“I can certainly check, Mr. Smith. Do you have your drivers license on you, by chance?”

“I do,” I replied, quickly pulling out my wallet and flipping it open, facing the hotel clerk.

“One moment, sir”, the man replied, as he strode over to the side of the desk area where there were several dozen room keys with little sticky notes. I watched as he began thumbing through the stack of room keys. I was several feet away but could’ve sworn I saw my name on the note, yet Charles continued flipping through the keys. I thought about saying something but before I had the chance he stopped and grabbed one of the keys.

“Colin Bakırköy Escort Smith, here we are,” he announced as he made his way back to the front of the desk and held the key out to me.

“Great. Thank you so much.” I grab the key and damn near bolted for the elevator and press the button labeled 7.

I could feel myself getting excited for what’s to come. Fortunately, I’m alone in the elevator so there’s no one to notice my semi pressing outward from my pants. The elevator feels like it’s moving at half speed.

The bell rings and before the doors are even fully opened, I’m already out of the elevator and several feet down the hallway. My eyes scan the doors searching for 717. Suddenly I freeze as I find myself in front of the door. This is it. Time for my ‘surprise’.

I scan the keycard and hear the click as the door unlocks.

As I open the door, I notice the room is dark, illuminated only by the light peeping in around the curtain. Although it’s dark, there’s just enough light so that I can make out something on the bed. It takes a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the dim light for me to realize it is a person. Not sitting, but rather, bent over.

My eyes continue to adjust, and I realize the person is a woman. Duh, I think to myself, it would my wife in our room, of course. By now, I can tell that she is naked, or nearly so.

I find my gaze immediately focused on her ass. Covered, if you can call it that, with a skimpy pink thong. As my eyes wander down her legs, I see something around her ankles.

As I get closer, I realize it is a bar between her legs forcing them about three feet apart. My eyes wander back up her body, finding no clothing on her top half. As my gaze continues up her back to her head, her long brown hair is partially covered by headphones, her eyes covered by a blindfold. Erica had expressed an interest in being blindfolded, something about sensory deprivation making pleasure that much more enjoyable. She must’ve decided to step it up a notch and include hearing as well as vision.

I slowly continue my advance towards the bed and my sexy, nearly naked wife; my cock continues growing harder and harder by the second. I kick off my shoes, quickly followed by unbuckling my belt and dropping my pants and boxers in the same motion. In an effort to begin as soon as possible, I pull my shirt over my head, as opposed to opting to unbutton it, the way it was intended to be removed.

Now nearly naked myself, I stand at the edge of the bed. When I look down, I see the reason for the thong. No doubt it was also there to make me even hornier than normal, but the thin string was struggling to hold in a butt plug as well as a pulsing pink toy buried deep in her pussy.

I stared longingly at her toy covered openings; I couldn’t help but wonder how long she had been like this. My wife generally got very wet, but her vibrator filled hole was literally dripping, juices ran halfway down her legs, leading to a very evident wet spot on the white sheets below.

I bent over until my face was less than an inch from her moist hole. I don’t normally eat her out, but I found myself dying to taste the fountain of juices dripping from her.

As my tongue met her lips, she flinched. No doubt from the surprise, as she hadn’t seen nor heard me until now. As much fun as it would be to tease her, I found I couldn’t hold off much longer. I needed to be inside her, to replace one of those damn toys occupying her. Pulling her panties to the side, I slowly unsheathed the vibrator from her wet pussy. Inch by inch, the toy left her tight hole, Erica moaning the entire time, with a barely audible sigh of disappointment as it finally left its wet home.

I waste no time once it had been removed and place the tip of my cock between her lips. It takes virtually no time to wet my head enough to slide inside her. I try to go slow, but somehow it feels different than usual, prompting me to ram my cock deep inside her in one swift motion.

Now buried completely inside her Başakşehir Escort insanely wet pussy I paused for a moment. I was right, it does feel different for some reason. Not just wetter than normal, but also not quite as tight as I’m used to it being. Maybe the vibrator was bigger than me? I shrugged it off, far too entranced by this situation to think any further.

I begin sliding my cock in and out, faster, and faster each time. My hands on her hips, pulling her back into me as I force my shaft as deep as it can possibly go. Over and over, I pounded this sopping wet hole, feeling myself getting closer and closer. Erica continued moaning, in an ever-increasing volume. Not a normal reaction for her during sex, but whatever, I don’t mind. In fact, hearing my effects on her only serves to fuel my lust.

I feel the walls of her pussy squeeze my shaft; she moans louder than before, her body shuddering as she cums on my cock, while I continue to pound this perfect hole of hers. I slap her ass, eliciting a soft moan every time.

I can feel my own orgasm building, as I try to fight it to no avail. Only seconds later, I shove my cock as hard and as deep and let go, releasing what feels like buckets of cum deep inside her.

I gently push her hips forward, withdrawing my cock. The tip falls free and is almost immediately followed by a small amount of cum. I simply stare at Erica for a few moments, admiring the view. Plug in one hole, cum in the other. The view itself is enough to bring me to full mast quicker than normal.

Without skipping a beat, I decide to take advantage of the situation. She moans as I pull the plug from her tight ass, only to suddenly gasp when she feels my head pushing against the already closed entrance. Drenched from pussy juices and cum, my cock slips in, despite being incredibly tight.

Having already cum once, I thought I could last a while but am surprised at just how tight my wife’s ass feels tonight. Much to my dismay, I can already feel my orgasm building after only a few seconds.

I muster everything I have to prolong orgasm. I even slow my pace, little good it did as Erica begins pushing back, taking my cock deeper and deeper inside her firm, perfect ass. I reach forward grabbing a handful of soft brown hair, giving it a firm yank. Erica’s head jerks back, attempting to look back at me, letting out another moan just as I feel her hole tighten momentarily around my shaft.

I look down at my wife. Her face is still partially covered by a blindfold and headphone. Despite this, I can still make out her soft, luscious lips, with a tiny mole to the left of her lips. At that moment I let myself go as I bury my shaft in Erica tight ass, cumming intensely inside her.

My mind goes blank for a few moments, simply enjoying the moment.

Suddenly it dawns on me. Erica doesn’t have a mole.

Fuck. What’s going on? Who is this? I lean to the side trying to get a better view of this strange woman. She looks like Erica, but I now realize she looks much older. There are more wrinkles in certain areas, not much but more than my wife has, for sure. There’s a small amount of grey hair mixed in with the brown.

My now limp cock finally falls free from this stranger’s ass. I slowly stand up, looking her over once more. Still bound and unable to easily free herself, I decide to investigate further.

There’s a phone on the nightstand. I slowly walk around the bed, keeping my eyes on her for any motion, or any indication that she can see me. I quickly grab the phone and turn it on, only to be greeted by an eerily familiar wallpaper. The realization hasn’t quite set in yet. Almost without even noticing it, I swipe up and enter 0817, my mother’s birthdate. The phone unlocks.

How is this possible? Am I dreaming? Is this some sort of prank?

A million thoughts run through my head trying to make sense of the facts, even as I try to deny them and find some other plausible alternative. Two unread text messages and a voicemail are waiting. I decide Bebek Escort to look at the texts first. Both of them from my father.

The first reads, “Can’t wait to fuck your brains out, hun.” The second one, sent about fifteen minutes later reads “Accident at 1st and Main. I’m okay but the cops won’t let me go until I give my statement. Gonna be late.”

I go back to the Home Screen and go to the voicemail. As I tap on it my father’s voice plays. I panic for a split second before I realize the woman, my…mother, still can’t hear yet. My focus goes back to the phone, “…orry I’m running late. I’ll be there by 6:00. See ya soon, babe.”

I look at the clock on the nightstand. 5:52. Shit. I can’t be caught here by my father.

I rush to put my pants, shirt, and shoes back on and head for the door. As my hand touched the door handle, I pause. Still unsure this is what I think it is, I turn around, pulling my phone from my pocket. I should take some pictures, right? I mean, it makes sense, I gotta make sure this really happened.

I quickly take a several pics from a few of my favorite angles, making sure to capture her slightly saggy boobs, her still firm ass, and my cum slowly dripping out from both of her naughty holes. Oh, and face, or at least as much as is showing. To make sure it’s her…I think.

I grab the plug from the bed and, after getting it wet from my leaking cum, slide it back into my mother’s very tight ass. She moans slightly as her hole is re-filled.

Next, I grab the pink vibrator, doing the exact same and plug her cum dripping pussy. My mother moans once more as the toy fills her hole. I slide the thing string of her thong back over the toys, leaving her exactly as I found her. Well, more or less, I think, as I see a small amount of my cum running down her leg.

I glance back at the clock. 5:58.

6:00 was just an estimate, right? I rush to the door and into the hallway. Halfway to the elevator I hear it ding so I quickly duck into a small room housing a vending and ice machine.

Someone, perhaps a man, passes behind me. I can’t bring myself to turn around and confirm if I know the person. As soon as he passes, I make a break for the elevator hoping to catch it before it closes, only briefly glancing down the hall. I manage to glimpse someone going into one of the rooms. Room 717 to be exact.

I grab my phone and to call my wife. Four missed calls and six text messages. How the hell did I miss that? Without bothering to check the messages I proceed to call her. Erica picks it up after the second ring.

“Hey honey. What happened? I thought you’d be here by now?” she says, with a great deal of annoyance in her voice.

“Sorry, I…I…I…” I began to stammer, frantically searching for a believable lie. “I got held up with traffic and…and I saw your message late. I just got here. I’m in the elevator right now as a matter of fact.”

“Oh, that’s no fun. Well, I’m in room 522. Don’t keep me waiting long.” The line cuts off.

I press the button labeled 5 and wait a few moments before the door opens. I slowly make my way towards 522 and gently knock on the door. The door swings open as I’m greeted by Erica with both a hug and a quick peck on the lips.

“Hey. You finally made it. I figured you’d enjoy a comfy hotel bed, and we could order some room service for the night, sweetie.”

Still a bit out of it I simply nod and mumble and uh-huh as I enter the room. I immediately head for the bathroom.

“Be right back, Hun,” I quickly respond, barely managing to string together that much of a sentence.

Dropping my pants, I realize my dick is still covered in cum and pussy juices. As I try my best to wash the smell of pussy off my cock Erica starts talking to me through the door.

“I hope this isn’t weird, but I actually got the idea for tonight from your mom,” she half shouts, barely audible over the running water.

“My mom?” I absentmindedly parrot back.

“Yeah. She came by a couple days ago and said she was coming here to surprise your dad. She was super giddy and couldn’t stop smiling, saying he was going to ‘fulfill one of his fantasies.’ I didn’t want too many details and changed the topic but coming to a nice hotel for the night sounded fun.” Her voice grew louder, most likely as she moved about the room getting closer to the door.

Reality finally began to set in. I was now certain; I just fucked my mother.

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