Yorkshire Dales Deflowering

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This is my true story. A weekend visit in the Yorkshire Dales. I went a girl and after one night returned back home a woman. Only ever imagining making love to a husband, how wrong was I. My virginity lost forever.


I’d just reached the age of 18 and my older sister, her husband and six month old baby had asked me to come to the Dales for a weekend. I wasn’t exactly babysitting but more company for my sister as my brother-in-law went trout fishing.

I was so looking forward to it, we were going to stay in a hotel, the Fell Hotel in Burnsall.

He was so dishy, i couldn’t wait to be away for a long weekend. He may have been married to my sister but in my mind I loved him and nightly at that. I imagined him making love to me and taking my virginity. I could only imagine what it was like, feeling his hard cock inside me fucking me all night. I imagined it most nights and i would take to rubbing over my nylon knickers. The heat from the friction was immense and it wouldn’t take me long to orgasm. Rubbing over my knickers would almost burn my hands.

The whole weekend was lovely, nice bar meals, looking after my niece, occasional drinks and long walks. But that’s all it ever was. It was so disappointing, I was so looking forward to holding him in the evening, kissing, touching, embracing and making love. In my innocence and naivety I had presumed he felt the same. How wrong I was. He was more intent on his fishing and meeting up later. The whole weekend was a disaster.

On our last night we’d had a nice steak meal. My niece was so good. She slept like an infant should. We chatted all the way through the meal. Then with my niece fast on we moved into the bar. It had been a very warm day and even now it was quite sticky and close.

We had one last drink and my sister said she was taking the baby back to the room and she was going to bed, I decided to do the same leaving my brother in law in the bar finishing his beer.

We bade him good night, kissing my niece gently and my sister too we went back to our own rooms.

Locking my bedroom door behind me I turned on the bed side light and closed the curtains. It was getting dark now though you could hear the occasional blackbird and the baa’ing of the sheep on the fells.

I heard a gentle knocking at the door I went towards it and asked who it was.

“It’s me… Mike.” came back at me quietly.

What on earth did my brother-in-law want, surely my sister and niece were ok? I opened the door and asked if everything was ok.

“Yes, I’ve brought you a vodka & orange. I thought you might like another drink. Plus I’ve not even seen your room yet.” he said

“Oh thank you.” and took the glass from him.

“Come in and see the room.”

Mike walked in and closed the door. I took a sip and a second.

He told me that it was a nice room. But he took the glass from me and placed it on the bedside table.

“I want to show you something but I need to turn out the light.” he said.

He turned out the bedside lamp and in the darkness I could see him walk to the curtains. He opened them and asked me to take a look. I walked to the window and as I did he lifted up the sash window and a warm breeze entered the room. As I looked out he said,

“It’s a full moon and the whole of the fens are lit up. Don’t you think that it’s romantic?”

We looked out onto the hills and he was right, stars up in the sky and the brightest moon ever lighting up the warm, breezy evening. I said that yes it was nice and with that he held me by the shoulders and gently kissed me on my lips.

“I’ve fancied you like mad and wondered if you would like to lose your virginity here, tonight under a moonlit room. I want to make love to you and to be your first.”

I was so taken aback, my heart fluttered, my cheeks warming. He moved in closer again but this time it was a lingering kiss. His tongue pushing my lips and teeth apart, finding mine and playing with it. Oh I’d kissed boys before but this was so different. He took hold of one of my arms and put it round his shoulder, I did the same with the other one. He placed one of his hands on top of my dress covering a breast, gently massaging it. He pulled away and undid the zip at the back of my skirt, pulling it down to my waistband. After a couple of seconds manoeuvring, it fell Kartal Escort to the floor. It left me there in pink knickers and a white bra.

He pulled in closer again and unhooked the bra pulling it off my shoulders. My nipples instantly responding to the coolness of the air. Continually kissing, his lips moved down to my breasts and he took one nipple and suckled on it, moving to the other sharing his love between the two. I almost swooned as a hand went straight to my knickers and began rubbing over, stroking my mound. Oh god this was so lovely.

The strangest, tingling sensation between my thighs was happening. He stepped back slightly and hooked his fingers into the waistband of my knickers, sliding them down my legs I held onto his head to stop me from falling over as one at a time I pulled each foot out of that virgin covering. The moon was so bright now and this was the start of something new. He stood up and kissed me fully on the mouth and like a doll I just stood there. He put his right hand on my naked waist, pulled me into him and put a foot between my legs. He attempted to prise them apart and I acknowledged this. Again my balance seemed unsteady but I opened my thighs. His left hand went quickly to my cleft and I could feel his finger sliding between my lips. Oh my gosh, his finger slipped in so easily. I was so easily accessible, so easily wet and his finger slid all around. A soft, silky wetness. Not wet but sticky and kind of slimy.

Oh my gosh, he was full on kissing me. His tongue flickering in and out finding mine, we were tasting each other hotly and so much so our faces were wet, dripping onto our chins. His finger doing circular motions and sliding in and out, finger fucking me. I could hear a slurping as his finger withdrew and entered again. In the darkness his shadowy figure pulled me towards the bed. We both relaxed into it. He whispered sweet nothings, told me that he wanted me, wanted to fuck me and hear me moan. He moved his finger to my lips, the one that was sticky with my virgin pussy juice. He caressed it on my lips like a lipstick. Then pushed out between my lips, I sucked it. It tasted sweet with a perfumed aroma. We fell back onto the bed, my legs bent at the knees with my feet on the carpet. He moved his knees between mine and kneeling now he gently opened and lifted my legs.

I looked down on him strangely detached from realisation in this moonlit bedroom. I felt him kiss my inner thighs, moving from one leg to the other. I laid back staring at

the ceiling through half closed eyes.

Feeling his tongue working up, his breath on my legs. His tongue lapped at the bottom of my vagina, slowly moving up and parting my lips, oh what heaven.

It was a slow long lap, the fullness of his tongue pressing against my secret place. My vagina, my pussy, my hot cunt. Oh my gosh so many words that I never ever used, not even vagina. It was always ‘down there’ or ‘you know my thingy.’ But not now, boys had used the words in the playground or in their bravado talking or arguing with someone, but not now.

The flatness turned into a pointy tongue and it helped part my lips. He flickered his tongue and then moved to my clitoris. I groaned at that and put my hands on his head, my legs instantly went up. This was mother nature finding a way. His tongue, his breath feeding the heat and tingling on my pussy. His lapping and licking like a little doggy drinking from a bowl of water. I was melting, my inner most body, my secret virgin hole was melting and turning into molten liquid. My breathing became faster and shallower as his fingers found my nipples at the same time. Thumbs and forefingers squeezing each nipple in time to his sucking and licking. I opened my legs wider to allow his tongue even more access, the gentle coolness from the Dales billowing the curtains slightly.

The first wave of my orgasm began. It started from my lower belly like the fluttering of excited butterflies wings. This turning into heat and increased tingling, it was coming. More tingling, more vibrations, a pleasure so indiscreet that if I had sneezed it would have woken the dead.

My legs began to tremble and shake. I was moaning loudly as the orgasm took hold.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh … don’t stop Mike…”

My hands grabbing at the hair on his head.

“I’m cummmmming..”

My Yakacık Escort head shaking back and forth. Grabbing his head and holding him there my climax shuddered through my body. My whole body flexed, my legs which were wide apart tightened around his head, his tongue continually flickering, my orgasm, my climax took over every sinew. I moaned his name between shallow breathing. It subsided, I began to relax and my hand went to my mouth, stifling the little noise that was coming out. My lover relaxed his hold and pulled away, my legs opened to allow him freedom. He gently kissed my cunt, my wet cunt still coming down from its pulsating. The lips I do believe stayed open, awaiting further trials.

My lover slid himself up the bed and kissed me placing his tongue gently inside my mouth. Oh the sweetness i tasted, those pussy juices still on his mouth transferred to mine. Honey pot sweet and slightly sticky. I should have been appalled but instead I liked it. He whispered to me,

“Did you like that?”

Had I liked it? It was the most amazing thing ever. Oh in the past I’d masturbated but this was on a different level and I was still catching my breath.

“It was fantastic.”

I managed to say in a low husky voice which I attempted to clear. He showered me with kisses and felt my nipples and breasts but it was too much at the moment and I giggled and said “No, just leave me for a second. I need to rest and come down.”

He knelt up and said taste this and moved his hard cock towards me. He pulled my head to one side and I felt his cock brush my lips. I opened my mouth and tasted it, it had a wierd taste, salty yet a little alkaline. I opened my mouth wide and felt his cock slide in, it was ever so wide. As he put it in it was initially like sucking the start of a sausage but that was just the tip. As it went further it was obvious that my lips might split, I think that was my imagination running wild but it was large. My lips surrounded the whole of his corona, a word that I only discovered months later. It slipped in to form a seal, a perfect join. He told me to lick it with my tongue and to rub it backwards and forwards. I put my hand up to hold it and he brushed it aside.

“No, with your neck move your neck back and forth.”

I did so but my neck ached slightly plus I wasn’t really wanting him to ejaculate his semen in my mouth. I continued to lick and suck on it feeling the smoothness of the head and gently licking the start or was it the end of the shaft. I wasn’t sure.

He took hold of my head and tried to push his hard cock further into my mouth. I gagged and instantly took a dislike. I apologised and he told me not to worry, that would come later.

I licked his cock again and in the light that filtered into the room I could see the cock glistening and strings of silver stretching from my lips to his cock.

He bent down and kissed me on the lips and said it was his turn now.

This was it, the moment that my teenage body had grown and waited for, the intimate coupling of two people.

He parted my legs and I had no hesitation in allowing him to. In doing so he moved his legs between mine. I was now laid on my back with wet lips from his kisses and sticky penis and my legs parted. He kissed me and told me to bend my knees slightly, I obeyed.

He put one hand behind my neck and the other he slipped under my bottom, so far underneath that I could feel his fingers.

His knees parted mine a little more and I could sense him vying for position.

I felt that thick cock at the entrance to my vagina. Gently my labia moved themselves aside. My flower, my petals beckoning his cock to inseminate me. He kissed me and said

“I’ll be gentle baby, I’ll try not to hurt you but there maybe a little pain but the pain will only be slight and then it will be glorious pleasure. Put your hands on my back and if the pain is too much, press your fingernails into my back.”

Even today after all those years and several lovers I’ve taken since, I still enjoy raking my nails on a mans back.

He kissed me fully on the lips and our tongues slid around each others. His hips moved a little and my arms pulled him in tighter.

He found the entrance to my pussy and moved in. I felt him touch my hymen an undeniable pressure bearing down. My god I thought will it hurt, Kadıköy Escort how will it even fit?

My cunt opened up and the lubrication from his mouth and my orgasm facilitated the union. The pressure was getting quite much now, I’d imagined it sliding in just like that but my poor maidenhead resisted almost like it wasn’t sure and asking me if I was. I tightened my arms and with one swift push his erect rock hard penis tore apart my maidenhead pushing the remnants aside like paper in the wind. He drove that thick cock to the hilt and my nails pressed into his back.

“Ow, it hurts…stop please…wait…”

He continued to kiss me then stifled my complaint, lips enclosed over mine.

It was already as deep as it could be but his groin pushed on grinding that thick cock around my cunt, he was making sure the remnants of my hymen could not heal up nor did I want it to. The pain was quite great, a stinging almost a ripping sensation. A paper cut inside, I must remember to take a look later.

Slowly his cock moved in and out see-sawing my vagina, pulverising it completely. The pain had gone now and we were one. Two people connected by my honey dewed pussy and his thick erect cock. Him sliding in and out, me feeling the joy of joys as he pushed against my clitoris. Sliding my finger nails up and down his back, me moaning and groaning intent on my pleasure, him breathing quicker and his hand under my bottom feeling the wetness we were making. He whispered that I was so tight that he couldn’t hold back but I didn’t care. I was intent on more pleasure but if I failed another orgasm I didn’t mind, I was so happy. His pace got faster not in the sense of a runner but a quick walker, his balls which until now I’d not concentrated on were tickling and sticking between my legs. The pussy juice moistening them.

All of a sudden he groaned and pulled my neck forward and my bottom upto meet him. My eyes widened listening to his breath. I felt his cock twitching like a pulse. The pulsating of his cock in rhythm to his heartbeat. He fell on my breasts tired and moved his hand from my bottom to my face, both palms holding my cheeks now kissing little kisses.

He fell off me moving onto the bed, his flaccid cock slipping out with a noisy slurp. My labia petals closing, bading his inseminating cock a wave.

He laid by my side one arm over my tummy, I still wasn’t totally done and finished with him in fact I could have fucked my brother-in-law all night. But I sensed that he was tired, he lay in the crook of my shoulder not sleeping but resting. I felt liquid oozing out of my hot cunt and thought immediately of his semen. I stroked his head and rustled his hair. I knew he could never be mine in the sense of husband and wife. He had made a promise to my sister on their wedding day. We both adored her but knew this could not go any further.

My brother-in-law regained his senses, sat up and kissed me on the forehead. It had come to an end, this would never go any further. He said thank you and told me he loved me. I understood what he meant, tonight was lovely and thank you for giving me your virginity but this is the end. He dressed in the moonlight and I looked at him as he left the room, off to sleep with my sister. I turned on the sidelight and sat up, tears not welling in my eyes through love but more of thinking this was it, what happened will never occur again.

I sat up in that gloomy room and looked down between my open thighs. I could feel his sperm, his lovemaking semen oozing, nay dripping out of my thighs. I got up and turned on the ceiling light and looked over at the bed sheets. My gosh, they were flooded in the centre with red blood tinged in the centre. When my brother in law had deflowered me he had put in process an outpouring of virginal blood, I knew it would happen when my hymen was broken I hadn’t realised the intensity. I turned off the ceiling light, turned off the sidelight and walked to the bedroom window. The moon no longer waning amongst the clouds but full, bright and almost looking down at me with an accusing face. I didn’t care, I surrendered my virginity not in a mad moment but deliberately. It was intentional and as I looked out over the moors at the back of the Fell Hotel, listening to the distant lambs I felt my lovers semen still dripping out of me, the metallic tinge of coppery blood on my inner thighs.

I didn’t care, I was now a woman my life was my own. I looked up at the moon and he looked down at me I smiled, he remained distant. I turned to my bed and settled slightly off centre, my inner thighs still damp.

I slept soundly.

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